Review: Nude By Nature BB 5-in-1 Miracle Cream

Brand: Nude By Naturewpid-20150622_165203.jpg
Product: BB 5-in-1 Miracle Cream
Shade: Light
SPF: ‘with natural sunscreen’
Cost: Have lost the receipt but seems to retail for around 15-20 dollars.
Purchased: Chemmart Pharmacy, Nathan

First Impression: Asked the chemist what ‘natural sunscreen’ means in regards to SPF and according to her it’s the equivalent of SPF 10. SPF 10 is nowhere near enough for decent protection when you live in Australia. The product is quite runny and requires some work to blend in. It’s a lot easier to work with if you have a brush than if you’re simply applying it with your fingers. Like a lot of Western BB creams, it is more similar to a tinted moisturiser than a product you use instead of a foundation. Light coverage.

Packaging: It’s a beige tube. Contains 50ml, which is a decent size for a product that lasts 6 months.
Marketing: Not on the packaging itself but on the signs marking the Nude by Nature section of the pharmacy, the brand claims that their products are ‘chemical free’. This is pure bullshit as there are no makeup products that are chemical free. It is impossible to make makeup without chemicals. An example: this product contains Cetearyl Alcohol. Let’s have a quick look at what wikipedia says about this mixture of different kinds of alcohol. This ingredient has the CAS-number 67762-27-0. CAS stands for Chemical Abstracts Service and the American Chemical Society has the copyright to this system that is used to classify chemicals in scientific literature. According to wikipedia, the chemical formula for Cetearyl Alcohol is “CH3(CH2)nOH; n=variable, typically 15-17″. Not only is it false marketing to claim that your products are chemical free, you’re also assuming that your customers are absolute idiots. That alone is enough to make me dislike this company.

Usage: You squeeze some runny product out, put it on your face and try to make it apply evenly. Takes a bit of work to ensure it’s absorbed properly. Looks ok after you’re worked with it.

Value for money: Low spf. Meh performance. Boring packaging. This is far from the miracle cream it claims to be. Low-average value for money.

Would I purchase this again? No. The product is mediocre at best and I’d rather support a company that treats its customers with respect.


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