Review: Paint Red 10047

Brand: Paint
Product: Nail Polish
Shade: Red 10047wpid-20150622_174407.jpg
Cost: 5 polishes for 10 dollars. I think it’s 3 dollars for one polish.
Purchased: Terry White’s (chemist). The Myer Centre, Brisbane.

First Impression: The colour is lovely, it’s a deep classic red with an almost metallic shimmer to it. I’m actually happy to see a company that didn’t decide to give its product a silly name, it tends to get a bit much with all the puns sometimes. It’s called red, and it is red. Straightforward. The bottle contains 15ml, which is a fairly normal amount of product for nail polishes. The Toblerone shape of the bottle makes it very easy to grip and open, the brush is very similar to OPI brushes.

Packaging: Standard packaging, convenient and functional. The colour you see when you look at the bottle is almost identical to what the product looks like on your nails.

Usage: Holy crap is this pigmented. You can get away with one single layer. I’d recommend two to ensure full opacity. Very easy to apply, reasonable drying time. Sadly the top coat I used for the manicure shown in the photo dents pretty easily and thus it’s difficult to assess if this polish is prone to denting or not. Pretty much no bubbles or clumps. Depending on the condition of your nails, the base & top coat you’re using, and what you do with your hands, this polish can last a week.

Value for Money: Amazing. Seriously the best value for money I have ever seen in a nail polish. Or any beauty product ever. This is at least as good as an OPI polish but for about 10-15% of the price. If the ‘5 bottles for 10 dollars’ offer is still happening at Terry White’s, you can get a decent nail polish collection for the price of one high-end polish.

Would I purchase this product again? Absolutely. I’ve bought multiple shades of nail polish from this company and they’ve all been good.


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