Review: TonyMoly Delight Lip Tint

Brand: Towpid-20150622_182749.jpgnyMoly
Product: Delight Lip Tint
Shade: 01 Cherry (Pictured together with shade 02 on the right)
Cost: 4.95 AUD
Purchased: W Cosmetics, Westfield Garden City, Brisbane.

First impression: Looks like a standard lip tint. The colour is appealing and the packaging is practical. The colour is a classical dark red that is easy to wear and doesn’t look too polished to be able to wear on a daily basis. Upon removing the product there’s a chance your lips will need some extra moisture, so if your lips get dry extremely easily you might want to be careful with this product. You will need a makeup remover to get it off.

Packaging: Fairly standard, nothing mindblowingly cute and for TonyMoly it’s borderline boring. Practical and easy to carry around. The tint is comfortable to hold during the application.

Usage: The product is easy to use, feels comfortable to wear, and dries rather quickly. Pay attention during the application to ensure that it goes on evenly and that you don’t paint outside of your actual lips as this product won’t come off with just water. For best result, add a lip balm on top of the tint after it has dried.

Value for money: Unbelievably good. It’s five dollars for a product that requires no reapplication at any point during the day and only a small amount of product is required for each application.

Would ould I purchase this again? Yes. It will be a long time before I’ll even consider replacing this one.


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