Review: TonyMoly – Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick

wpid-20150513_174929.jpgBrand: TonyMoly
Product: Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick
Cost: 12 AUD
Purchased: MDRanking Myer Centre, Brisbane.

First Impression: This is adorably weird. The product itself is a light blue stick… cream, a bit like those stick blushes. It has a light fresh scent that is unusually discrete for this brand. It is intended to decrease swelling around the eyes by chilling the area slightly. It’s very easy to use (just swipe it under your eye and tap until any excess product is absorbed.

Packaging: It’s a panda. Panda’s are cool. It has a little cap on the actual product that prevents it from drying out, you just twist it like a lipstick if you need to reach more product. It’s small and would fit into almost anything. Perfect for travel.

Usage: It slides on easily, feels cooling and soothing when your eyes are tired. It goes on see-through so you won’t be getting light blue panda eyes after using it. You only use a small amount of product each time, so it will probably last you quite a while. You can use it before or after makeup, but be careful if you’re using any eye makeup, obviously.

Value for Money: I think it’s ok. It’s a nice little product to have that will last quite a while, but unless you have a problem with tired or swollen eyes, it’s not really something you need.

Would I buy this again? Unsure at this point, but I’ll definitely use up the one I have.


One thought on “Review: TonyMoly – Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick

  1. […] Skincare: Up in the far left is a gold caviar toner from Skinfood. The thing with the green top is a hand cream from the Saem that smells of mangosten. The round jar with a beige lid and a price tag is a black sugar scrub/mask from Skinfood. Southeast of that jar is a white compact which is from Innisfree, it’s a no-sebum powder that is slightly tinted. The beige tube in the middle of the photo is also from Innisfree and is a primer meant to be used under cushion foundations. The pink aerosol can is 50spf sunscreen that is just so convenient to spray on, got it from Skinfood. The blue aerosol can is actually a foot deodorant from the Face Shop. What? Feet sweat too, especially when it’s above 40 degrees. The black & white item between the sunscreen and the pink/white square is just a backup of the TonyMoly So Cool Panda Eye Stick or whatever the fuck it’s called, but it’s good and I have a review of it up here. […]

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