Korean Brands for a Western Look?

So, today the tables were flipped and the time had come to test how well Korean brands perform at creating a makeup look inspired by Western trends. Yesterday, I tested how western brands performed at creating a look with some korean trends.
Since the other part of the experiment was a day look, I went with a look more appropriate for night time with this second part. The idea is to create something that I would happily wear but that is still slightly out of my comfort zone in one way or another. I think the result is ok but not perfect, we’ll get to what I’m unhappy with later in this post.

I used my normal skin routine, which is a mixture of Korean and Western method and products. My skin was in a fairly normal condition today, some slight redness on the cheeks and slightly tired overall. No major spots or dry patches or anything. So same condition as when I did part 1.

Based on what products I had and what I’d be comfortable wearing, I decided to go with a more rockabilly/pinup look which works with my usual style. They’re all trends that aren’t super popular in Korean makeup based on what I’ve seen, but the western way of doing eyeliner is still used sometimes for nighttime looks.

Matte skin
Winged eyes/cat eyes
Smokey eyes
Full red lip

wpid-20150624_112648.jpgWhat I Used:
Primers: Etude House’s Magic Any Cushion in Pink & Green
CC Cream: Banila & Co’s It Radiant CC Cream in
BB/Foundation: Etude House’s Precious Mineral Any Cusion in Natural beige W13
Powder: Innisfree’s No Sebum Mineral Pact
Eye Shadow: Dodo’s duo eyeshadow that looks like it’s chocolate bar (the brand is Japanese and all text is in Japanese)
Eyeliners: TonyMoly’s Backstage Gel eyeliner in black, Clio’s Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner in Golden Khaki No.3
Mascara: Clio’s Hitch Eye-King Longlash No-Smudge Mascara in black.
Highligters: Etude House’s Play 101 Pencil (light shiny pink eyeliner, shade is listed in Korean only) and 3 Concept Eyes’ Creamy Water Proof Eye Liner in #12 (white).
Lip tint: TonyMoly’s Tony Tint Delight in 01 Cherry
Lip Balm: The Face Shop’s Lip Tint Stick in 01 Pure Pink.

How did it go?

Matte skin – Learning from the struggles I had yesterday, I brought out the primers. The mint green one combats redness and the pink one combats dullness. No problem so far. Then I tried the CC cream for the first time and holy crap is it pale. I’m a pale white person to begin with and it’s rare that I find something that is way too light for me (this was matched to my skin in store btw). Looking like Marilyn Manson I decided to bring out my cushion foundation and restore my skin to it’s normal look. Goes on smoothly and I let out a sigh in pure relief. To bring the brightness down a bit I add the powder over the shinier areas of my face. Looks alright. Totally doable to achieve a matte look with Korean brands.

wpid-20150624_105206.jpgWinged eyeliner: I’m not good at this. My eyes are hooded and watery, it’s just not a trend that works for me. The gel eyeliner is great for tightlining, but sadly that’s not what we’re doing today. It works ok, and I keep telling the eyeliner that “it’s not you, it’s me”. Naturally it doesn’t respond. When I think I’ve managed to look more pinup than panda, I move on. I added the Gelpresso liner on my upper lid because I know it’s long-lasting and doesn’t tend to explore all areas of my crease. It’s doable, but like with all eyeliners I’ve ever tried, it smudges in the corners and needs a bit of work during the day. If you can do a winged eyeliner without wanting to stab something, you can do it with these products. I can’t do it with anything.

Smokey eyes – This is the part where I realised that the only eyeshadows I own from non-Western brands is this one duo that is Japanese. The lighter shade is very glittery and the darker one is sparkly. I do my best with what I have but should probably have been better equipped. After I’m done with this, I remember that I do have a bronze eyeshadow stick from TonyMoly that might have been helpful, but let’s not retcon my screw ups. It looks ok with the shadow, it’s just more sparkly than the matte eye shadows I usually prefer. I add the Etude House liner to my inner eye and it goes on ok. Under my brow, I use the 3 Concept Eyes liner to highlight. I hate this eyeliner. It doesn’t go on well, it’s sure not creamy, and you need to push it so hard that it scratches you. Naturally I just toss it on and blend it with my finger. Don’t use this one on your eyelids. But yeah, you can do a smokey eye with korean products. Or 50% japanese products. Oh, and I used the Clio mascara like mascaras are used and it’s a brilliant product still.

Full red lip – Now we’ve hit the product that inspired this experiment from the start. The lip tint from TonyMoly has a blueish undertone that makes it look somewhere between red and purple. It’s a lip tint, it is watery and you need to work with that. Carefully put a thin layer of product over your lips. It is NOT a lipgloss or lipstick, once this product dries it’s difficult to remove. You need to paint it on with precision. Let it dry between applications (it dries quickly, if you paint outside the lines, remove it immediately or be stuck with it) Repeat until you’ve reached the colour you want. Remember that it’s watery and don’t put too much product on at once because it will gather in the lines on your lips or in any crease it can find if you do. Start with the inner part of the lip by the way and move outwards. If you get it on your tongue or teeth, it will be there all day. To get the product to look more western and shiny, add a lip balm. This will also help keeping your lips from drying out. You’re using a tint in a way it wasn’t designed to be used and you need to adapt to be able to pull it off. The lip balm from The Face Shop is one of those products I use almost every day. It’s very moisturising and tints your lips ever so slightly. Verdict? You can use a lip tint to create a full red lip. It can even look good.

wpid-20150624_105110.jpgIn the end: my face is slightly out of focus in this picture, but it still gives you a good impression of what it looks like. My eyeliner has smudged since then, at least the wings have. The part on my actual lid is still sitting there nicely.
I’m pretty happy with this look, it has a few issues but I think they’re more my fault than the products’. Also, notice that my hooded eyes mean there’s just a tiny hint of eyeshadow to be seen.

Ida, why are your eyebrows so.. pale? Because I accidentally got that white CC cream on them and just had to work it.

It’s completely doable to create a pinup/vintage look with Korean products.


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