Review: Innisfree – It’s Real Squeeze Mask

wpid-20150622_203834.jpgBrand: Innisfree
Product: It’s Real Squeeze Mask
Feature Ingredient: Shea Butter
Cost: 1.80 AUD
Purchased: MD Ranking, Myer Centre, Brisbane.

First impression: The product name seems to be a case of Engrish, which is quite common for the products I try. Cheaper than many of the other sheet masks, prices usually range from 2-4 dollars per sheet. Smells nice, feels nice. You look like a serial killer with a budget disguise whenever you wear a sheet mask. It’s part of the fun. Innisfree is a good brand for sensitive skin and this version thankfully doesn’t contain alcohol, which is something you should keep an eye out for with all skincare products.

Packaging: Has instructions and ingredients list in English, which is most appreciated. Clean, nice design, and the pouch is easy to open. Try to squeeze out some of the product when you remove it from the pouch since it will drip on things if you don’t.

Usage: Clean yo face and then apply toner. After the toner is absorbed, you reach for your serial killer mask. Put it on, avoiding getting in your eyes or mouth, wear it for 10-20 minutes. Take it off. Toss in bin. Don’t wash face afterwards. Use at nighttime rather than during the day as your face will look shiny until you cleanse it. Sheet masks are meant to be used perhaps 1-3 times per week, but you can also use it whenever you feel like it and still get the benefits.

Value for Money: It’s one of the cheapest brands for sheet masks and I’ve found them to be just as good as any other drugstore brand. Shea butter is a nice version since it is very moisturising, smells nice, and works for sensitive skin. So yeah, for a single use mask, it’s budget friendly.

Would I buy this again? Yeah, I have a few of these around and it’s one of my go-to masks.


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