Review: TonyMoly’s Egg Pore Series

wpid-20150629_223104.jpgBrand: TonyMoly Products: Deep Cleanser (foam), Steam Balm, Tightening Pack (cooling clay mask), Silky Smooth Balm (Primer).
Series: Egg Pore
Cost: Cleanser just below 8 dollars, the actual eggs cost 14-18 dollars depending on where you buy them. Available: Both MD Ranking and the W Costmetics stores have products in this series.
Have I tested the full range? Nope, there’s at least another primer and different versions of the eggs out there that I haven’t tried.

First Impression: Eggs are commonly used in the battle against blackheads and TonyMoly turned it into an entire series of products. The eggs are impossible to ignore on the shelf and I feared the products might be using their packaging to overcompensate for a poor quality product, however these products seem to do there job well. TonyMoly products often come with English instructions and ingredients lists, so check the packaging. Please note that these products contain real eggs and thus it’s obviously not suitable for vegans or people with egg allergies. The steam balm was one of the first Korean skincare products I ever tried and one of the things that got me hooked on this brand.

Packaging: The cleanser comes in a large tube coloured blue and white. It’s practical, easy to use, and looks nice. Standard packaging for a cleanser. The eggs however… I can’t help but love these. Yes, they’re large and contain less product than you think, but still. I like having a golden egg on my dresser. The product is contained in the lower third of the egg only so don’t be fooled by how massive it looks. The steam balm is white, the tightening pack comes in a brown egg, and the balm is contained in a golden egg with a cracked top. They’re easy to open and a lid protects the product so that it doesn’t dry out. The steam balm looks like a gel with exfoliating buds in it, the pack looks like a mixture between clay and froth, and the smooth balm looks… like dry lard but nice.

Usage: The cleanser is used like all foam cleansers are. Put water on face. Put product on hand and add some water. Froth up, apply on face and gently rub in with circular motions. Wash off when done. The steam balm is applied after cleansing over the nose and any other areas where you experience clogged pores or blackheads, leave it on for a few minutes (I usually brush my teeth during this time, for time reference), and wash off. The balm will heat up slightly and that’s a part of the steaming effect that opens your pores so that the gunk can come out. It feels amazing if you have a stuffy nose, which is a bonus. After cleansing and steaming, use the cooling tightening pack. Apply it to your nose as if it was a regular clay mask. Leave on until it has dried and then wash it off. It’s meant to constrict your now-somewhat-empty pores and minimise their appearance. As the fourth step in this routine, use the last egg as a primer before makeup. It camouflages the opening of the pores which is meant to prevent dirt from getting in and the smoothness means that makeup looks smoother after application.

Value for money: For the cleanser – Amazing. The others are really good products too, but it’s a relatively expensive price per ml, especially for this brand. If you have problems with blackheads or clogged pores, it’s a good series to try but I wouldn’t purchase the entire series unless I had a problem I was trying to fix. You only use a small amount of product with each application so it lasts quite long. I use the steam balm almost every day and the other two whenever I feel like I need something extra. I suspect the cooling tightening pack will feel amazing during the summer months. The primer is pretty good but if you already have a working primer, it’s probably not replacing it with one that you just use on your nose.

Would I repurchase this? The cleanser is slightly drying so I’ve taken to using it only when I shower and use a more gentle cleanser for regular skincare. It will last me a long time but given that it’s only 8 dollars, I’d buy it again. The steam balm is amazing and I use it at least once a day (in the morning to make sure to unclog pores after sleeping packs or sheet masks), I’m very likely to repurchase this. The tightening pack is the product I use the least but I think that might change when it gets hotter outside, so I’ll keep an open mind. The primer is nice, it’s incredibly smooth and does a good job, however if I’m able to find a primer that is equally good but is used on the entire face, I’ll probably not repurchase this one.


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