Review: Di Vine Hair Brisbane

wpid-20150630_215014.jpgWhat is it: Di Vine Hair is a hair studio
Where is it: Elizabeth Street, Brisbane
What did I have done there: cut, colour, blow dry finish.
Cost: 230-240.
Time: approx 2h 45m
What look did I aim for: a hybrid between Dita von Teese and Margaery Tyrell.
What’s wrong with my face in this picture? Tired, bad light, and a cell phone camera.

Service: The staff was friendly and straightforward, I walked in and booked an appointment for a few hours later. The appointment was rescheduled by 30 minutes, bonus points for actually calling me to check if that was ok as opposed to just asking me to wait when I got there. Was offered water, coffee, and tea but turned it all down as I had just had coffee before I went there. During my appointment the staff was once again friendly and straightforward but small talk was kept to a minimum, not in a rude way but in a “we’ll let you relax” kind of way. I wasn’t given a quote before the treatment started, but I didn’t ask for one either. Before moving on to the next part, the hairdresser checked with me to confirm that I actually wanted it which is a welcome thing given that a lot of salons try to throw in extra treatments without mentioning that they’ll cost extra.

The studio: Di Vine has a wonderful mixture of overt the top and understated decor. The mirrors are absolutely decadent but the colours are toned down and neutral. It looks clean, has plenty of space, is thankfully not freezing cold, and has music playing at a decent volume where it doesn’t become a nuisance nor quiet to the point where you struggle to hear it. The furniture is comfortable, which is an underestimated feature at hair salons (if you have to sit down for almost 3 hours, it really helps if the seat is comfortable).

wpid-20150630_215026.jpgThe colouring: Even with just minimal consultation (“chocolate brown with a slightly warm undertone”), the hairdresser found the exact colour I’ve been looking for and that another studio failed to produce twice in a row. This makes me extremely happy. I was also happy to notice that they were very careful with the application and didn’t just slab the colour on like some places do, instead they did the roots last which my scalp appreciates. It took about an hour before all the colour was applied. The only downside of the colouring part was that I wasn’t shown a sample of the colour before it was applied to my hair, I usually like to see that as a last chance to discover any miscommunication or things like that.
It looks black in the photo, but again that’s just the light. It’s actually a deep brown with a reddish undertone.

The cut: done on dry hair, which I’ve never had before. I was asked how much I wanted to have removed and I added that I’d like to have long layers in addition to just having it trimmed (5cm). I appreciate that the hairdresser wanted to check what my hair was like when it was dry (frizz + long layers = disaster) before going ahead with the cut, instead of just saying yes and doing something that wouldn’t have looked good in the end. Turns out long layers work well for me. Happy with the cut. Again, consultation was kept to a minimum but it did the job. Very happy with the cut.

The styling: I hadn’t mentioned styling when I made the appointment but I’m glad I ended up getting it styled. It just gives you a nice idea of what your hair can look like when you’ve made an effort. Ended up getting the standard curled ends, which looks nice with both the cut and colour.

Value for money: I’d say the pricing is pretty standard for a treatment that long in a CBD salon. Ideally it would be slightly cheaper, but it’s by no means overpriced. I’m just cheap. The treatments are good and I didn’t walk away feeling like I’d spent too much or that I’d paid far more than it was worth. The pricing is reasonable, if you feel it might be a bit much for you, just skip the styling part to bring the price down a bit.

Would I visit this place again? I get my hair done maybe once or twice per year, so it will probably be a while before I go anywhere again. However, when I next get my hair done, it’s very likely that it will be at this salon. Bonus points for the quick availability. I usually walk in to make appointments rather than call even if I don’t expect it to be done that day (poor cell phone reception at home), but it was really nice to have it done the same day.

Would I recommend it to others? Yes, if you’re having a full treatment, I’d recommend this place without hesitation. For just your regular trim, I’d probably go somewhere a little cheaper.


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