Challenge: 20 AUD Retro Inspired Makeup

So there’s this popular challenge floating around youtube where you’re meant to use 20 dollars to create a full face of makeup. This challenge is near impossible to do in Australia due to the fact that makeup is insanely overpriced here, but I decided to give it a shot. So I headed to Priceline and ventured into previously uncharted territory.

For 18.97 AUD I ended up with:
Savvy by DB – Trio Eyeshadow in Natural Nude for 4.99 (Seriously, dafuq kinda name is that)
Savvy by DB – Lipstick in Mahogany for 4.99
Essence – Kajal pencil in 01 Black for 2.00
Savvy by DB – BB Cream in Light.

I used no tools so everything was applied using my own hands. You’re meant to include tools in those 20 dollars. The only thing I used was a mirror as reflective surfaces tend to be publicly available for free. You just look like a weirdo if you use them. Anyhow, I used a handheld mirror.

Most people aim for a very simple look when they do this challenge, naturally I didn’t . Here’s the result:


So, the first thing you’ll notice is that this lipstick was really difficult to apply with precision. If you want to use it, use a lip brush. I tidied it up a bit more after taking that picture, but it’s still not easy to work with.

The light isn’t amazing in these photos so the eyeshadow doesn’t really come through. In person it looks like a fairly dramatic smokey eye in a brownish greenish tone. I didn’t use any brushes or applicators, so it’s very crude. However, I think it could look a lot better if I just used tools. So I’ll give this trio a chance some other time when I’m not on a tight budget limit.

The kajal applies ok, it’s a fairly standard pencil eyeliner but it doesn’t feel like it will be very long lasting. It’s also starting to annoy my eyes slightly, but given that my eyes are really sensitive this is a common thing with eye makeup from any price range.

The BB cream is probably the one thing I really disliked. It’s thick, gooey, and just doesn’t blend well. BB creams are meant to be very light, adapt to your skin, and be a lighter version of foundation. I had to use a weird mixed technique to be able to apply it at all, rubbing in light circles on my forehead and cheeks. Then I had to pretty much tap the rest of it in. It took bloody ages and doesn’t look too good no matter what I do.


Western beauty trends I just don’t get

For those of you who have read my blog for a while or who know me in real life, you may have noticed that I don’t really engage with a lot of modern western trends in regards to fashion and makeup. I know my personal style might seem a bit eccentric to some people and it probably is, but I thought it might be worth discussing what it is about these modern western trends that I simply don’t find appealing. Yes, I know that not all people follow these trends. Yes, I also know that different things look good on different people. We’re generalising here, deal with it.

So let’s go through some of the main trends and exactly what it is that I don’t like about them. This is not an attack of anyone, just a superficial analysis of current trends.

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Retro Essentials: 4 Quick and Easy Hairstyles

I will not let curling irons or hair straighteners near my hair, nor do I use blowdryers or tease it. Given that those are ingredients in pretty much every single hair tutorial out there, what do I actually do when I style my hair?
Here are a few very quick (none of these takes me longer than five minutes), extremely easy, and retro friendly hairstyles that use very few tools.

All of these styles can be done with or without hair accessories like bows and flowers.

Tools: hair brush or comb, hair ties, bobby pins, and accessories.

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Review: Etude House – Precious Mineral Any Cushion

wpid-20150728_161819.jpgBrand: Etude House
Product: Precious Mineral Any Cushion (BB/Foundation)
Shade: Natural Beige W13
Spf: 50+ (Korean standard)
Edition: Pink Wish Tree (Christmas collection)
Cost: 28 dollars
Purchased: MDRanking Myer Centre, Brisbane.

First impression: Extremely practical packaging, it’s nice to see something green instead of the 50 shades of pink you usually get from Etude house. Falls somewhere in between a foundation and a bb creme. Not entirely certain if I’m using the best shade for my skin, but this was the only shade they had in at the moment. The finish is dewy and more or less moist, thus don’t use it on your forehead or nose if you have oily skin. The cushion is freaking exciting, because I’m that much of a nerd.

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Travel: Seoul’s Themed Cafes

Coffee shops are plentiful in Seoul and they do get creative with their gimmicks. Themed cafes is a thing here and I decided to try a few of those as well as some regular coffee places. Since Seoul has its monsoon season right now, so I visited a lot of coffee places whenever the rain got too crazy. They tend to be open from about 10 or 11am and don’t close until 10-midnight so chances are you’ll be able to get your coffee fix. You won’t need to visit starbucks to get some really good coffee when you’re in Seoul.

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On My Way Home!

wpid-20150723_204258.jpgSo I do plan on doing a post about the things I purchased during my stay in Korea. However, I just wanted to post this as an example of SOME of the free samples I got when I was there.

Giving out free samples is very common in Korea and you can easily get a month’s worth of face masks by just agreeing to go into stores and look. I try keeping as many of these as possible unless I happen to know I dislike something, these products tend to make for great travel products.

Beyond that, I’m currently on my way back to Australia and will get back to updating more regularly as soon as I’ve recovered.

Retro Essentials: Building Your Wardrobe

So we’ve gone through how to discover what you actually like, how to tackle the budget issue, and how to adapt retro styles for winter. But what about effectively building a small wardrobe of clothes that can be worn all year around? That’s what today’s post is about, the different staples you might want to consider including in your wardrobe.

As always, these aren’t rules, just guidelines. You can of course adapt this to your needs and circumstances, in fact I recommend you do. There are a fair amount of lists like this floating around online, but very few of them are adapted to Australian conditions and/or the retro styles, so I still hope you’ll be able to find some helpful tips here. I’ll also include some links to items that are currently available in stores or online and that represent the diversity of what you can do with essential pieces.

What I suggest is to sit down and pretend you’re going on a weeklong trip. It’s a trip where you’ll need to dress casual, business casual, ‘night out’, and cocktail. You only have a small suitcase. This is your essential wardrobe. For this post, I limited the recommendations to 10 types of clothing items and four kinds of shoes. This excludes accessories, underwear, and jackets.

Keep in mind that almost any piece in this collection should be able to work with any other piece. Party dress & flats? Check. Casual skirt, blouse, and blazer with heels? Check. Pick colours that work together, if in doubt start with neutrals and use accessories to spice things up.

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Retro Essentials: Makeup for Work

Since the idea behind this series of posts is to help people bring elements of the retro/vintage/pinup styles into their everyday life (without breaking the budget), I thought it might be a good idea to talk about how to pull this off at work. So, I’ve included three different makeup looks that I’ve worn to work and mentioned what I combined them with. These looks took <15 minutes to create. Why? Because I don’t like spending a lot of time on my face when I’m tired and stressed.

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Review: NYX’s Wicked Lippie in Mischievous

Branwpid-20150711_170414.jpgd: NYX
Product: Wicked Lippie (Limited Edition)
Shade: 08 Mischievous (top colour in the picture.)
Purchased: Target, Brisbane CBD
Cost: 12.95
Why these colours? They were literally the only ones left in store. All colours appear to be available online.

First impression: Dark gold. It looks a lot darker in the tube than it does on the swatches or on my lips. It sparkles more than anything else. It has a similar scent to the other to, mainly wax. Good shape, good package. Keen to try it, have never had a gold lipstick before.

Packaging: Standard packaging, black and white. Good cap, good shape of the lipstick itself. As with the others, they’re not exactly going wild with the amount of productwpid-20150711_170900.jpg

Usage: This is very different from the other two. The shape is easy to work with but man is it difficult to build this up. The photo to my right probably has 6-7 layers. It’s a bit of a weird colour and I don’t know how I feel about it. What I want to do is put one layer of this over a red lipstick or tint and use it as an effects product rather than a standalone item.
Value for money: On it’s own, it’s not worth 13 dollars. If it does work over another product it might be good for special occasions. It’s not amazing but at least I feel like I might end up using this one for something.

Would I buy this again? Probably not. It was fun to try but I can’t see myself using it so often that I’d miss it if I didn’t have it