10 Products I Regret Buying

wpid-20150705_165544.jpgNot every purchase is a resounding success and trying products you’ve never heard of before is especially hit and miss. Since I tend to review things I’ve liked enough to use a few times, I thought I’d share ten products with you that I regret buying. It’s a mixture of both Korean and Western brands, and the list contains both skincare and makeup.

Starting from the top of the picture and going down. None of these products are products I’ve had an allergic reaction to, they’re just products I regret having bought for one reason or another.

1. Banila co – It Radiant CC cream: Whitening moisturising color control base.
I bought this because I was on the hunt for a CC cream to replace my Palmer’s one since there’s not too much left of that one. One of the things I was looking for was a decent spf and this product has spf 30/PA++. I asked a staff member at W Cosmetics to recommend me a CC cream and this is the one she chose. The product is just way too light for me. It works more like a primer than a product that can be worn on it’s own. It just wasn’t what I was looking for and it cost a bit more than I’m comfortable paying for a rather mediocre primer.

2. TonyMoly’s Appletox Peeling Cream.
I wanted to love this product. It’s a chemical peeling cream/mask that smells wonderfully. It’s also not exactly a secret that TonyMoly, so why I wanted to try this is probably not surprising. The thing is, it doesn’t do much for me. It’s once again a product that’s a bit meh. I’ve found other better exfoliators/peeling products, so I just never use this one. It just sits on my dresser looking pretty.

3. Clear Last – All in one cream foundation
So yeah, I bought a cream foundation. It tends to be a bit too cakey on my face and it seems to attract dust, so it’s not as sanitary as I would like. I just don’t use it or find it to be anything special.

4. Sportsgirl – Sharpen Up Kohl Eye Liner in Silver
This is a silver eye pen that isn’t too easy to apply. I prefer gel or liquid liners as they go on a bit more smoothly. The plastic caps are already cracking and I’ve only used it once or twice. You also need to press fairly hard to ensure a good application and that’s just a bit too uncomfortable on the eyes.

5. 3 Concept Eyes – Creamy Water Proof Eye Liner #12.
It’s not creamy, it breaks whenever I try to sharpen it, it doesn’t apply well or stay well. I’ve tried using it twice and it has always been a pain, quite literally. To even check the colour, you need to rub it back and forth on the back of your hand more than once. This is one of the few products on this list where I wouldn’t recommend anyone to try it at all.

6. Etude House – Dear Darling Tint in 02.
This product isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just that I have cheaper products that do the exact same thing and even do it slightly better. It’s an ok tint, the colour is quite pretty and it stays on ok. It’s just that it’s twice as expensive as the TonyMoly tints I usually use and it just isn’t as good in terms of value for money.

7. Sportsgirl – Pout About It! Lipstick in Birthday Suit
It’s too pale for my lips and it’s a bit of a mediocre product. I have quite pigmented lips and a lot of nude colours are paler than my natural lips, so it just ends up looking weird on me. The product itself is nothing special, I honestly bought it just because I found the name funny. I’m certain there are better nude lipsticks out there even in the lower price range.

8. EOS Lipbalm in blueberry.
Practical packaging (it’s not usually covered in blue lines, I kept both it and a pen without a cap in my bag without realising) . The smell is amazing, it’s easy to apply and is nice to wear. However, it dries my lips out. Since lip balms are meant to do the opposite, it’s just not a product that does what it’s supposed to and that really disappointed me.

9. Elizabeth Arden – Plump perfect lipstick in Perfect Amethyst 27
Bought this product when it was on sale at one of my local pharmacies. It’s not a bad lipstick, it’s easy to apply and feels nice to wear. It’s just not a colour that is flattering on me. It brings out the redness in my skin and well, it’s simply not a good look. I might try this product in a different colour if it’s ever on sale again though.

10. Face of Australia – Lasting Looks Lip Crème: Rubies Are Forever
The colour is pretty, that’s the best thing I can say about this product. The application is meh, it wears off easily, and it’s prone to bleeding. But worst of all is that it dries my lips out like nothing else. Whenever I’ve worn it, my lips will chap for the next week or two no matter what I do. Because it actually damages my lips, it is one of the worst lip products I’ve ever bought.


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