Review: It’s Skin Macaron Lip Balm

wpid-20150706_135024.jpgBrand: It’s Skin
Product: Macaron Lip Balm
Shade: 01 Strawberry
Purchased: Either W Cosmetics Indooroopilly or MD Ranking in the CBD.
Cost: Have lost the receipt but since it sells for 4.46 USD on Korea Depart, I imagine it cost me about 8 AUD in store.

First impression: Man, this is adorable. It’s the size of an actual macaron, and it looks like a toy version of one. I’ve kept this product in my bag since it’s so compact and used it whenever my lips have felt dry. It smells strongly of strawberry or strawberry candy in the best way possible but isn’t overpowering once it’s on your lips. It feels nice, is moisturising and only slightly tinted. This product also comes in green apple, chocolate, pineapple, and lavender. It expires 18 months after it has been opened, which is a rather long lifetime for beauty products.

Packaging: It’s surprisingly practical. My bag is a mess but there’s no dust or dirt that has snuck into the product nor has it gotten dried out, so this suggests that the packaging is actually up to par. It’s small, light weight, easy to open & close. I’m actually impressed, I assumed it was just packaged like this for the cuteness factor. It is seriously cute though, if I had all the versions of this product I’d put them on a glass plate in the bathroom just for decoration purposes.

Usage: Lip balms are easy to use, so I’m going to trust that you’ve figured out how to use one by now. You can use your finger or a brush, but it doesn’t come with an applicator in the package.

Value for money: It’s not a massive amount of product, but then again you don’t use a lot of it at once. The surprisingly good packaging does up the value since there’s nothing worse than a lip balm with dirt in it. It’s a good lip balm, but I still feel it’s not anything special. If you’re really short on cash, I would buy a cheaper lip balm. However, it’s not a rip off by any means.

Would I purchase this again? I don’t use lip balms that often, but I still like having this one in my bag. I’d probably try one that isn’t strawberry just because I’m not a massive fan of strawberry. But yeah, I’d consider getting this lip balm again.


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