Review: Designer Brand’s Moisturising Lipstick

wpid-20150707_094541.jpgBrand: Designer Brands (DB)
Product: Moisturising Lipstick
Shade: Currant Kiss 665
Purchased: at a random chemist in Fortitude Valley
Cost: 8.99

First impression: I bought this because I needed a burgundy/purple colour for a project and was trying to get over my suspicion of western drugstore brands. The colour looks nice in the tube and swatches quite well, so I decided to give it a shot along with a fair number of other products. It’s ok to apply and looks nice on your lips, the only problem is that it doesn’t really stay there. I’m an absolute snob when it comes to lipsticks and it needs to past the coffee + food test. If I can’t have my regular coffee and something like a bagel, before I need to reapply, then it’s not going to impress me. 

Packaging: It’s quite nice, clean lines and functional. The cap doesn’t tend to come off without reason (I’ve had a lipstick and a bag ruined that way), which is good I guess. The sharp edges makes it slightly uncomfortable to grip during application, which can be a minor annoyance. The actual lipstick is shaped quite nicely and is easy to apply.

wpid-20150707_094618.jpgUsage: As I said, it’s easy to apply. It’s not too sticky or smelly, which is common among cheaper brands. You know that if a brand chooses the name Designer Brands for itself, it’s compensating for something.  It’s not as creamy as I prefer, but then again I am picky as fuck when it comes to lipsticks. What I’ve noticed after wearing it for less than an hour is that the inner parts of your lips is where the colour will come off first, so you’ll have this skin coloured line at the centre of your mouth. You might want to use a lip liner with this to ensure it doesn’t bleed. The colour is pretty nice but not as opaque as I would have liked. As long as you don’t eat, it stays on quite well. I reapplied once during the day and it looks ok but not brilliant at 11PM.

Value for Money: Meh. If you’re after a long lasting drugstore lip product that looks like a lipstick after application, I’d go with Maybelline’s 24h lip colour. It won’t last you 24h, but it is reasonably priced and has decent longevity.

Would I buy this again? No.


One thought on “Review: Designer Brand’s Moisturising Lipstick

  1. […] Rimmel – the only downside with this product is that the packaging is annoying. It’s pretty, bold, resistant, and cheap. It seems to be a great product for <10 dollars. Awesome so far. This was bought on sale and the original price is more similar to the Etude House product. If you’re looking for a lipstick that is always <10 dollars, please see my review of Designer Brands’ Moisturising Lipstick for 8.99 here. […]

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