Travel Tips: Skincare on a plane.

Do not be the person who pesters those around you by treating the plane like your personal bathroom. There are people around you, don’t forget that.

However, few things are as damaging to dry skin as the dust-like air on a plane. If you don’t take precautions, it could mess with your skin quite badly and even to the point where it can be quite painful.

What to bring: wet wipes that can remove light makeup and don’t require rinsing, sheet mask, moisturiser, cushion compact.

What not to bring: your full skincare set, several bottles of liquid, products that need to be rinsed off, messy products.

Things to keep in mind: the “bathroom” per capita ration is not very high on planes and you don’t want to be the person who claims it for 15 minutes when there are people who genuinely need it. You also don’t want to use products that have a tendency to go all over the place (this is not the time for loose powders).

How to: Before you board the plane, keep your makeup light if you use makeup at all. Remove it with the wet wipe before going to sleep. Put some sort of moisturiser on when you do. During the second half of the flight, use the sheet mask. When there’s maybe an hour left, use another wet wipe, apply moisturiser again, and use the cushion compact to apply foundation.

Benefits: skin is protected at all times, mask adds moisture, everything can be done in your seat without bothering the person next to you (keep all supplied in a bag stored under the seat in front of you). Cushion compacts tend to come with a mirror, so you won’t need to steal the bathroom for that either. Oh, and there’s not too much waste. Two wet wipes, one sheet mask and its package. That easily fits into the garbage bag you’ve been provided with.

To simplify going through security: put the amount of moisturiser you’ll need in a small travel container, it will be the only thing that will need to be declared as liquid.


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