Review: NYX Wicked Lippie 03

Branwpid-20150711_170414.jpgd: NYX
Product: Wicked Lippie (Limited Collection)
Shade: 03 Trickery
Purchased: Target, Brisbane CBD
Cost: 12.95
Why these colours? They were literally the only ones left in store. All colours appear to be available online.

First Impression: The colour is the bottom one in the photo. I’m sceptical about this colour even before I apply it. It’s quite possibly the worst colour in the entire collection and that explains why this is the one that had the most products left long after most of the others had been sold out for a week.  It looks ok when swatched, a bit like a metallic cream eyeshadow. It smells like halloween makeup and that’s the overall feeling I get from this particular lipstick.

Packaging: It contains less product than you think. The entire thing weighs 4.2 grams. The packaging actually looks pretty good. It’s classic black and white (again, it feels very Halloween) with a see through section in the middle where the colour is visible. Practical if you own multiple shades. There’s no chance of the cap coming off in your bag. The shape of the tip of the lipstick is great and makes for easy application.

Usage: The colour looks horrible on me. It drains all the colour out of my face. I’m wearing my regular foundation iwpid-20150711_170601.jpgn this picture and I look like I’ve used corpse paint. You can also tell from my face that I am not entirely convinced by this product to put it mildly. It takes a few layers to get it completely opaque. The product feel ok on the lips and the shape of the lipstick makes for convenient application. It’s just a horrible colour, even on the website the swatch there looks like mud combined with horse shit. Maybe it would work better on someone with darker skin but on me it just looks Gimmicky Goth. It wears ok, it takes a lot of convincing to get it to stay on in the centre of the mouth so you’ll eventually end up with a pink line in the middle.

Value For Money: Given that I don’t think I’ll be wearing this product ever except for any crazy out there looks that I do purely to blog about them… I just can’t say that it’s good value for your money if I doubt the product will be used at all.

Would I buy this again? No. Hell no.


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