Why I will not review products from these companies.

So, this week I’ve had a few things to think about. As this blog is getting more and more traffic, I wanted to set up some ethical guidelines for myself and in this case, share it with you. Why now? Because I don’t want to be one of those people who do anything to get views and followers and only then

At what point do I say: No, this is it, I cannot recommend products from these companies to people?

Well, here’s a few general guidelines:  fraud and financial deception of various kinds, obvious false marketing, anti-science, and pro conspiracy theories.
If I can tell that a company opts into some of those practices, then I won’t be recommending that you buy stuff from them.
If I in the future feel that they are worth reviewing, that review will contain an explanation as to why I have changed my mind.

As of now these are the companies whose products I will not be reviewing on this site: Nude by Nature, LipSense, Limecrime, and Lush.

Let’s talk about each of them and why I don’t support their business practices.

Limecrime: known for corrupt business practices, allegations of fraud (such as holding charity events for charities that don’t exist), website was the target of a security breech and the customers whose details had been targeted were not properly informed. They also apparently claimed to be vegan friendly but then it came to light that they used beeswax in some of their products. I’m not vegan myself, but I do not support companies that actively try to deceive their customers.

Nude by Nature: I actually did review one of their products here as one of my first posts. It’s pretty clear in that post what my issue with them is. “Natural sun protection” that turns out to not be better than SPF 10 when the salesperson is pressed with the question is not something I’m comfortable with. This is borderline false marketing. It’s dishonest to claim that something that powerless will protect you against those death rays. But I could have lived with that. What did set me off though was the fact that their marketing in that specific store at that specific time claimed their makeup is “chemical free”. When you assume that your customers must have dropped out of school before they reached high school, you’re not going to win any points with me. Every single product you put on your face is going to be 100% chemicals, no matter how organic or natural it is. You’re 100% chemicals. Bullshit marketing will land you in this category.

Lush: ok, this is probably the most controversial one. I bought Lush products for the first time the other day (stores with a lot of scented products tend to give me a headache so I tend to avoid them). A few days later I remembered that I’d seen this weird toothpaste for sale. Since I’m going on a plane soon, I was really intrigued by this toothpaste since it wasn’t a paste but a pill. You crush the pill between your teeth, add water with your toothbrush and brush away. It also happened to be vegan and I was like “well, why not”. As I’m standing there reading the ingredients list, one thing seems very absent. So I ask a staff member about it. “Is there fluoride in this product?” is a question to which the answer should be 100% yes if we’re talking about toothpaste. “No, because some are pro fluoride others are anti…”. If you claim to sell a product that serves the purpose of toothpaste, then it should goddamn well protect my teeth. Fluoride is an incredibly important component in toothpaste and instead Lush decides to side with anti-science conspiracy theorists… I can’t support that. It is literally so stupid that I will no longer buy things from this company because I don’t want my money actively supporting idiocy. Fluoride in toothpaste is harmless as long as you don’t eat several tubes of it. It’s not a ‘bad chemical’. There are no bad chemicals. There are bad combinations of chemicals and a threshold for when it becomes harmful. You have arsenic in your body and it’s not harming you. Guess what, you know that H2O? It can kill you if you have too much of it. If you drink too much of that chemical combination known as water, you can die.

LipSense: Their marketing annoys me to no end. I don’t know for sure, but this looks like a pyramid scheme if I’ve ever seen one. They’ll spam social media with the same message over and over again, they’re essentially paying individuals to do their marketing for them. You’ll see posts that claim to be 100% their own opinion and it’s identical to the person who posted about the product half an hour earlier. My guess is that they pay people for x number of posts or that they are obliged to mention certain phrases in their marketing posts. This blog does not aim to be a megaphone for companies. I would be happy to review products from companies if they want to send them to me, but I will not ever agree to say good things about a product no matter what I feel about it. I review things, I don’t promote them. If I’m honestly excited about something, I want the excitement that shows in the posts to be 100% real. If I think a product is useless, I’ll be honest about that and let you know why I don’t like it.


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