Character Creator: Swan Song

This is not meant to look good. This is meant to be the equivalent of dressing up as a character, but with makeup. I have a lot of products I don’t use because they’re a bit too weird for everyday use. So to combine my love for various fictional things and my partially untouched makeup collection, I decided to create a new series. It’s called the Character Creator.

If I keep doing this, I’ll probably try to make it look good… or not, this was too much fun.

wpid-20150712_180956.jpgWhat am I dressing up as? I’m not necessarily dressing up as a character this time, but rather a show. There’s this twitch/youtube show called Swan Song and it’s set in space. Space pirates, smugglers, a talking octopus, that kinda thing. 

Where can you watch SwanSong? Right here on youtube

I was watching the show and went all out. So yeah, here’s me as a spaceship/overlay.

It’s blue/purple and bronze. I have some of those colours and I seldom use them so yeah…

Again, it’s not meant to look good, it’s meant to be fun. And I did have a lot of fun. The second photo is atrocious but shows the colours better. Bronze lips with a blue centre. Blue/purple eyes that are so out of my comfort zone. Again, this is just for fun, it’s not a tutorial.



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