Review: The Face Shop’s 1 Second Calming Mist Toner

wpid-20150705_210939.jpgBrand: The Face Shop
Product: 1-second Calming Mist Toner
Feature Ingredient: Calming Seed (they mean chia seeds)
Purchased: W Cosmetics – Westfield Garden City
Cost: 26.95

First Impression: For me, chia seeds are what I eat when I’m trying to be healthy. I’d never heard of them being used actively in skin care before I bought this product. Unlike most toners, this one is just sprayed on and doubles as a regular face mist. It’s convenient that it has more than one function, but the bottle is a bit big to carry around with you during the day. It feels nice on the skin, refreshing. It’s very different from regular toners that are usually applied with a cotton pad and I think that’s why I’m a bit hesitant about this product. It simply doesn’t convince me that it’s actually a toner. It’s a great facial mist though.

Packaging: It’s very plain, just the name of the product and the brand on beige labels. It contains 160ml and has room for you to write down the date you bought the product. It’s a standard spray bottle and it’s fairly easy to see how much product there’s left. It also feels it’s important to tell you that it contains 95% natural ingredients. The Face Shop is one of the few Korean brands that just doesn’t seem interested in creative packaging.

Usage: Point the opening towards your face. Spray. If you use it as a toner, do so after cleansing. You don’t need to rinse it off or rub it into the skin. Just spray it. It’s not rocket science.

Value for Money: The price is decent considering the amount of product you’re getting, I’m just not convinced it has the same functions as a regular toner. It doesn’t break me out or dry my skin out, but I’m not convinced it’s adding anything either.

Would I buy this again? Maybe. If I find a better toner that doesn’t contain alcohol (the whole reason I bought this product was that it doesn’t contain alcohol), I’m probably not going to repurchase it. It’s an ok product, nothing more nothing less.


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