Review: NYX’s Wicked Lippie in Wrath

Branwpid-20150711_170414.jpgd: NYX
Product: Wicked Lippie (Limited Edition)
Shade: 04 Wrath
Purchased: Target, Brisbane CBD
Cost: 12.95
Why these colours? They were literally the only ones left in store. All colours appear to be available online.

First impression: The colour this time is the middle one in the photo. It looks a lot better. It looks like a metallic version of a lipstick I’d buy for everyday wear. It doesn’t smell much, mainly wax. It still reminds me of cheap halloween makeup when it comes to the smell.  After applying it, my first thought was “I can actually pull this off”.

Packaging: It’s the same across the collection. Black and white with a see through panel in the centre that enables you to see the colour. It’s solid packaging, but it’s pretty evident that it contains less product than is customary.

Usage: It applies easily, you requite 2-3 layers for full opacity. Out of all the colours, this one feels the nicest on your lips. I’ve wpid-20150711_171054.jpgworn this one for a full day since it actually looks decent on me and you might need to reapply every now and then but it does stay on ok. I mean that it will look good after a takeaway coffee but won’t survive a full meal without suffering visible losses. Apologies for the shitty photo. I’ll probably use this colour again in a different post. My allergic reaction still isn’t 100% gone when this photo was taken, hence why I look so off in it.

Value for money: This feels more like a regular lipstick. Given that I can wear it on a day to day basis, it automatically makes it the winner out of these three ones in terms of value for money. For a budget lipstick, it’s a pretty good one. If you think you can pull the shade off, I’d recommend getting one.

Would I buy this again? I’m already regretting not having bought two.


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