Review: NYX’s Wicked Lippie in Mischievous

Branwpid-20150711_170414.jpgd: NYX
Product: Wicked Lippie (Limited Edition)
Shade: 08 Mischievous (top colour in the picture.)
Purchased: Target, Brisbane CBD
Cost: 12.95
Why these colours? They were literally the only ones left in store. All colours appear to be available online.

First impression: Dark gold. It looks a lot darker in the tube than it does on the swatches or on my lips. It sparkles more than anything else. It has a similar scent to the other to, mainly wax. Good shape, good package. Keen to try it, have never had a gold lipstick before.

Packaging: Standard packaging, black and white. Good cap, good shape of the lipstick itself. As with the others, they’re not exactly going wild with the amount of productwpid-20150711_170900.jpg

Usage: This is very different from the other two. The shape is easy to work with but man is it difficult to build this up. The photo to my right probably has 6-7 layers. It’s a bit of a weird colour and I don’t know how I feel about it. What I want to do is put one layer of this over a red lipstick or tint and use it as an effects product rather than a standalone item.
Value for money: On it’s own, it’s not worth 13 dollars. If it does work over another product it might be good for special occasions. It’s not amazing but at least I feel like I might end up using this one for something.

Would I buy this again? Probably not. It was fun to try but I can’t see myself using it so often that I’d miss it if I didn’t have it


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