Challenge: 20 AUD Retro Inspired Makeup

So there’s this popular challenge floating around youtube where you’re meant to use 20 dollars to create a full face of makeup. This challenge is near impossible to do in Australia due to the fact that makeup is insanely overpriced here, but I decided to give it a shot. So I headed to Priceline and ventured into previously uncharted territory.

For 18.97 AUD I ended up with:
Savvy by DB – Trio Eyeshadow in Natural Nude for 4.99 (Seriously, dafuq kinda name is that)
Savvy by DB – Lipstick in Mahogany for 4.99
Essence – Kajal pencil in 01 Black for 2.00
Savvy by DB – BB Cream in Light.

I used no tools so everything was applied using my own hands. You’re meant to include tools in those 20 dollars. The only thing I used was a mirror as reflective surfaces tend to be publicly available for free. You just look like a weirdo if you use them. Anyhow, I used a handheld mirror.

Most people aim for a very simple look when they do this challenge, naturally I didn’t . Here’s the result:


So, the first thing you’ll notice is that this lipstick was really difficult to apply with precision. If you want to use it, use a lip brush. I tidied it up a bit more after taking that picture, but it’s still not easy to work with.

The light isn’t amazing in these photos so the eyeshadow doesn’t really come through. In person it looks like a fairly dramatic smokey eye in a brownish greenish tone. I didn’t use any brushes or applicators, so it’s very crude. However, I think it could look a lot better if I just used tools. So I’ll give this trio a chance some other time when I’m not on a tight budget limit.

The kajal applies ok, it’s a fairly standard pencil eyeliner but it doesn’t feel like it will be very long lasting. It’s also starting to annoy my eyes slightly, but given that my eyes are really sensitive this is a common thing with eye makeup from any price range.

The BB cream is probably the one thing I really disliked. It’s thick, gooey, and just doesn’t blend well. BB creams are meant to be very light, adapt to your skin, and be a lighter version of foundation. I had to use a weird mixed technique to be able to apply it at all, rubbing in light circles on my forehead and cheeks. Then I had to pretty much tap the rest of it in. It took bloody ages and doesn’t look too good no matter what I do.


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