Retro Essentials: Vintage Vanity – Product Display

The single most important thing about a makeup or beauty product is the quality of the product. Then value for money. But after that, we reach the issue of packaging.

Those are all core components I take into account when I review a product, in addition to some other aspects of it as well. Naturally, I thought it could be worth drawing attention to some brands that excel at the packaging aspect of beauty products. As this is a part of my Retro Essentials series, the focus will be on products that would look good on a vintage vanity. Products that are of course of a good quality, but also ones that you might reach for for your vintage looks and that will help bring a vintage feel to your makeup table/wherever you do your makeup.

As my room is currently a mess, you won’t see any photos of how I actually keep my makeup. Because the answer to that question is ‘disorganised’. However, when I do go on a cleaning and decorating spree once in a blue moon, these are some of the items I like to display.

wpid-20150831_213607.jpgHere’s the full set of products from my personal collection that I’ll be discussing.

You may spot a few familiar things in here. Firstly, the Guerlain lipstick I won’t shut up about. Secondly, the MAC eyeliner pot. Thirdly, the Bettie Page lipstick holder. Fourthly, the massive hair flower in the background. And lastly, the Besame lipstick in the front. Yes, I know it’s supposed to have an accent, but I haven’t mastered this new keyboard yet, so bear with me.Read More »


#30DaysOfLipstick Week One

We’re a quarter through this experiment and I’m already struggling to keep track of what I’ve worn and what I havenwpid-20150823_164446.jpg‘t. It’s fun though, it’s forced me to be a bit more creative with my makeup than I usually am and today is a sure sign of that.

Day 1: August 23rd

Wore a Loreal lipstick that looks extremely purple in the tube, I think it’s called violet chiffon but I know I specified that in a previous post.

wpid-20150824_103118.jpgDay 2: August 24t

Tony Moly’s Tony Tint Delight in 01.wpid-20150825_102110.jpg

Day 3: August 25th.
Used a pink cushion tint from the Saem. Horrible horrible photo

Day 3: August 26th
Forgot to take a photo but made a note that I used TonyMoly’s Crystal Lips Stick in Red.


Day 4:  August 27th
Wore one of MaxFactor’s flipsticks in deep purple and pink.

This is one of my favourite western lip products so you’ll probably see a full review of it sometime soon.


Day 5: August 28th
Wore a chapstick. Overslept so went without makeup.

Yes, I wore the same dress two days in a row, deal with it.


Day 6: August 29th
Wore another TonyTint, this time in 02 with NYX’s Mischievous lipstick over it to create a different effect.


Day 7: August 30th.
Today I went all out and wore a golden MAC lipstick, the one I bought at the Estee Lauder event. Also attempted to do my eyes but am still not good at it. My Kat von D liner had dried out, so I had to patch it up with the one I just got from Holika Holika. Am now in the middle of brunch and it feels like the lipstick has gotten patchy already. Might need to use a lip primer beneath it.

Retro Essentials: Op Shop Pinup Challenge

One of the most appreciated posts I’ve created for this series was about how to do the various retro styles on a budget. That post contained a point on Op Shops and second hand. So I thought it was time to draw some more attention to that point.
Hence the launch of the Op Shop Pinup Challenge.

The idea is simple, you go into an op shop and create at least one pinup or vintage outfit. And that’s it.
I did this challenge today. I headed to the Red Cross’s Op Shop in the Valley in Brisbane and bought these two outfits.
The first one is a simple outfit that will work great in summer. It’s a brown polkadot skirt that fit quite well but is a bit too big in the waist. The shirt is a v-neck one and it has those gatherings around the arms that is a theme found in a lot of pinup style shirts. It fits really well and is super comfortable. It’s a very casual outfit and I need some of those.
The second one is more winter focused or formal with a knitted shirt that has buttons in the waist and some nice white details that makes it look a little bit nautical in my opinion. I really like it and it’s so comfortable. The skirt was the one thing I was a bit worried about, it’s a size 10 and my butt isn’t. But it did fit and the lining only covers the very top of your legs, instead the full length material is that see-through-nylon-mesh material that is really popular right now. The good thing is that these tops go with either skirt, so it’s a versatile set of outfits.


Guess what these four items cost me? 16 dollars.
Successfully completed the challenge.

I’d love to see what other outfits people can create with items they’ve bought at op shops. So yeah, I hope other people join in on the challenge and either share their outfits in the comment section or on their own blogs/social media/other internet things.

Bonus: a lot of op shops support great causes, no matter if it’s the RSPCA or the Red Cross or Lifeline… It might be worth giving them some support too 🙂

Review: Clio Art Shadow – Forte Green Brown

Look to the right. Does it look like I’m wearing a lot of eyeshadow? No?wpid-20150829_102313.jpg
That’s because my eyes are extremely hooded and the parts where the eyeshadow goes is pretty much not visible at all when my eyes are open. This in turn means that wearing elaborate eyeshadow is kinda difficult. That’s what you need to keep in mind when you read this review.

Brand: Clio
Product: Art Shadow (trio)
Shade: 417 Forte Green Brown.


Purchased:  W Cosmetics Brisbane CBD
Cost: 18.95 AUD

First Impression: This is a gorgeous trio, the packaging is very convenient (and pretty), and the colours work well together. I have a thing for rich green colours and then remember that they don’t look good on me, but man are they beautiful. The very first thing I noticed when I applied it was that it’s extremely pigmented. Way more than I expected. That’s why the look you’ll see below is a bit more in yo face than I usually wear. Clio makes great eye products and this is no exception, I just wasn’t prepared for it.
I combined it with one of Clio’s dark green Gelpresso eyeliners and my regular Clio mascara, because if you have the chance to go all Clio you might as well go all Clio.
I imagine these shadows would look amazing on brown eyes, it’s a little weird for my weird hybrid colour. As a side note, the product has a 2 year shelf life after it has been opened.Read More »

Retro Essentials: Casual Pinup (Spring)

A lot of pinup/rockabilly/vintage/retro/whatever clothes and styles are focused on when you dress up for an occasion, so I thought I’d dedicate a post to casual wear. Given that spring is around the corner it makes sense to focus on what is available for this new season. We’re going to focus on budget friendly items from mainstream stores, again sticking to the format of my winter post.

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“Do I really need this?”

Today I discovered that I owned almost 100 eyeshadows. Most of which I’d used once and never looked at again because they weren’t the quality I expected or the colour I thought they would be. Also discovered that I had at least 10 lip products more than I’d estimated. That’s when you ask yourself the question “do I really need this?”.

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First impressions: Drugstore Swatches

I’m gathering products I can use for character creator and thought I’d share some recent purchases with you guys. Although this isn’t a full review, the swatches should still provide a decent idea in regards to colour pay off, texture, and finish.

Fwpid-20150826_164607.jpgirstly, we have these two kajal eyeliners from Face of Australia. Think I bought the two of them for 11 or 12 dollars.wpid-20150826_164617.jpg The light does make the green swatch look more blue than it is in real life. So the shape of the product is quite gimmicky and I can’t tell how it will possibly maintain a useful shape as you use more and more of the product so it will probably move on to being an eyeshadow stick after a while. I have to say that they’re both really opaque and the colours look really good on my arm. I’ll probably end up using these for a fair amount of looks and if they’re good on my actual face, they might make it into my regular makeup one instead of my ‘crazy shit I almost never wear’ bag.

wpid-20150826_165218.jpgNext we have three products from two quite different companies. Firstly, a lipgloss from Revlon called Electrio Shock. Secondly, two shadows from a company called Paint. They make the best low budget nail polishes in thewpid-20150826_165145.jpg business (often sell 5 for 10 dollars), so I thought it was worth giving their eyeshadows a shot.

I’m slightly disappointed by the lipgloss since it’s only a very mild blue sheen that can probably be used over red polishes to make them stand out a bit more. A common trick is to use a red lipstick with blue undertones to make ones teeth look whiter. I imagine that’s the intention of this gloss. I just don’t like glosses, so I’ll probably only use this one to enhance looks for character creator. Or for #30DaysofLipstick.

The eyeshadows are MB5 (green) and MI7 (black). As you can tell they’re buildable but quite powdery. I’d probably wear these with a primer to try to limit fallout. I’ll probably need to use these properly to be able to say more about them.

Next up are two sets of eyeshadows from more common drugstore brands. One from Loreal called Blackened Smokes with four shadows and one from Maybeline called Hyper Diamonds GN-1.

Honestly, these seem pretty useless. Even when I tried building them up, wpid-20150826_165824.jpgthey refused to reach an acceptable level of opacity. I could barely see some of them on my skin. This photo is taken after I really tried building them up and it’s still nothing spectacular. I’d say the Maybeline palette has a bit more potential than the Loreal quad, but I’m not really certain I’ll end up using these. They might just go straight in the bin after I’ve used them for the 1-2 looks i have in mind.

Retro Essentials: Styling Rectangular Shapes

Shape: Rectangular
Characteristics: Stores fat evenly over the body, small difference between hips-waist-bust, often has a smaller bust and a ‘lack of curves’. Can lean towards any of the other body shapes but to a lesser degree than the people who actually are those shapes, so it doesn’t have to mean a completely rectangular body.
Closest to: usually apple but can be any of the shapes.
Furthest from: usually hourglass but see above.
Eras to be inspired by: The 1920’s idolised you.
Go to item: skinny jeans
Typical problems when shopping: falling between the chairs/shapes

Safest bet: 1920’s style dresses
Advice you shouldn’t take: artificially creating a form you’re not.

Seek inspiration from: Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, and Veronica Lake. Or this Pinterest board I created.

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Review: Beauteque August BB bag

So, Beauteque and I didn’t get off to a good start. Let’s see if the second round goes any better.
wpid-20150825_123137.jpgThe first thing I noticed was that a mask and two sheets of paper were placed in the envelope and not in the makeup bag despite there being a lot of extra room in the bag. This had the unfortunate side effects that the ink that was on the cards ended up staining the makeup bag during shipping. Will see if I can get it off, but it’s a shame that this happened because I really like the bag itself. It’s a cute turquoise/mint colour with a bow on the front. The material is solid and the outside is easy to clean.

Beyond the card listing the products there was a business card that stated
“Dear Valued Subscriber, we want to thank you for being loyal and sticking with us as we change for the better! Please enjoy this bonus free sheet mask! Best,  The Beauteque Team”

I’m assuming this is because I contacted their customer service in regards to the issues I had with the first bag. The mask itself is a Black Rose Acne Fighting Mask from Miho Cosmetics (Hanaka). The thing is, it’s not a sheet mask. If you’re writing a card where you’re  apologising for your service, then make sure it’s right.

wpid-20150825_123128.jpgSo let’s look at what was inside the bag. The full contents can be seen below, including the bonus mask. Bag, bonus mask, sheet mask, eyeliner, concealer, hair mask, blotting paper and a repair cream. Six products inside the bag.
Let’s have a look at what the card says:
Holika Holika Wonder Drawing No Smudge Liquid Eyeliner. 13.50
Hanaka V-Line Chin Patch 3.80
Pure Derm Clean and Fresh Peeling Gel. 8.50
Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream. 25
The Saem Perfection Concealer Tip Cover. 8.50

Pure Derm Hair Mask – Honey. 6.95
Blotting paper. 5.

Look at those two lists again. Yes, that’s right. The card lists an item that’s not in the bag.
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