Haul: Korean Makeup

Well, I now have everything I need for the next year or so…

This doesn’t include things I bought as gifts for people,wpid-20150801_160550.jpg nor sheet masks. I honestly just forgot the masks and the gifts have already been given away.

So what do we have here?

Skincare: Up in the far left is a gold caviar toner from Skinfood. The thing with the green top is a hand cream from the Saem that smells of mangosten. The round jar with a beige lid and a price tag is a black sugar scrub/mask from Skinfood. Southeast of that jar is a white compact which is from Innisfree, it’s a no-sebum powder that is slightly tinted. The beige tube in the middle of the photo is also from Innisfree and is a primer meant to be used under cushion foundations. The pink aerosol can is 50spf sunscreen that is just so convenient to spray on, got it from Skinfood. The blue aerosol can is actually a foot deodorant from the Face Shop. What? Feet sweat too, especially when it’s above 40 degrees. The black & white item between the sunscreen and the pink/white square is just a backup of the TonyMoly So Cool Panda Eye Stick or whatever the fuck it’s called, but it’s good and I have a review of it up here.

Lips: I actually managed to gather these in one place. Starting with the obvious lipstick below the beige tube and going right. Firstly, a pink lipstick from Urban Dollhouse that’s just slightly too bright for my skin but otherwise ok. Then there’s an all black Clio lipstick that is a red with an orange undertone. The red tube is a lip tattoo thing from the Saem (it’s similar to the Berrisom my tint lip tattoo) that you apply to your lip, let dry, then peel off like glue from your hands. The pen shaped object to its right is from a brand that I can’t seem to find online, it seems to be called Make Wake or Wake Make based on the packaging. It’s a red lip product (who would have thought) that I’ve worn a few times by now, it’s actually quite good. The item clearly wrapped in plastic is a backup of the TonyMoly lip tint I’ve reviewed on here. Then there’s a white tube from Innisfree that is a lavender lip tint. The pink stick is a cushion lip tint from the Saem. The small circle above it is a lip tint/balm from TonyMoly that looks green in the jar but apparently applies pink.

Basic makeup: The pink & white square is actually a cushion compact from Holika Holika, it also came with a free refill. The bunny tail to the far left in the photo is a blush from Etude House. Next to the mangosten is a basic contouring kit from Innisfree (yes yes, I know, but I intend to use it for Character Creator). The white circle below the contouring kit is a highlighting cushion from Laneige that is actually quite manageable. To the right of the blue aerosol can is a small white tube that is meant to be an eyeliner corrector from Etude House (think of it as white out for your eye makeup). The beige & blue item next to it is an eye primer from Etude House. Last thing in this category is the black square in the bottom left of the photo, it’s an eyebrow kit from Skinfood.

Eyes: To the right of the eyebrow kit is a small white circle that’s a cream eyeshadow/highlighter in a pearly white colour. Now, let’s move up to the thing to the right of the Panda eye stick. The two black circles are from Peripera and are called Jewel Pots, they’re eyeshadows and I got them in red and pale/pink gold. To the right of them is an oddly shaped object that is actually a gel eyeliner from TonyMoly, I have it in black already and decided to add a shiny brown version to my collection. To the right of that are two eyeliners from Etude House in purple and blue. Below them are a brown object, again from Etude House, which is an eyeshadow duo with a chocolate theme. The black square with white text on it is actually two eyeshadows from Clio in deep green and sparkly blue. The two white circles are two eyeshadows from Nature Republic in dark blue and purple. The white square on the far right is an eyeshadow palette from Laneige that holds shimmery naturals.


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