Review/First Impressions: Beauteque Subscription

wpid-20150807_163007.jpgBeauty boxes are everywhere and so are their subscription services. The basic idea is that you get a number of products sent to you, it’s a bit like being sent a present from yourself but you don’t know what’s in it. Given that trying new things is kind of what I do for this blog, I decided to give it a go. As far as I’m aware, the only one that ships to Australia and does full size products from Korean brands is Beauteque.

So I signed up for a 3 month subscription which including shipping ended up costing about 100 dollars. Signed up in the first half of June and got the bag today August 7. Let’s have a look at how I feel about the service, the company, and the products themselves.

Sign up process: The first time I tried, the website didn’t work. Eventually managed to sign up.

Pre bag process: You’re meant to get a survey each month where you get to select between a few options. This time it was the scent/theme of the body wash and the colour of the blush. It worked for this bag. However, I was recently sent the same survey for the August bag or at least the email that was meant to contain the survey. Thing is, there was no way to select any options.

Waiting process: You will be spammed. Remember that scene in the first Harry Potter movie where letters start shooting in through the chimney/letterbox/other openings? Yeah that’s what will happen to your inbox. Count on 1-3 emails per day. Some are relevant others are just things like “here’s our staff members’ favourite products” or “please subscribe to more of our services” or “new lineup that contains 1-2 new products”.
As I said, I signed up in early-mid June. I got the first bag today, two months later.

Delivery: Oh god this was a circus. The company uses a delivery service that can’t be contacted from Australia. When I obtained a tracking code after having emailed Beauteque it showed that delivery had been attempted on two separate days. There was no card in my letterbox on either of those days. None of my flatmates had thrown any cards out or anything like that. You can’t contact USPS via phone from Australia, nor can you email them since they require you to have a US delivery address.  Nor do they list which companies handle their deliveries in various parts of the world. After a bit of random googling it seemed that Australia Post were the ones who did the delivery. So I had to call them, left a complaint about the lack of card, and asked them where on earth this package was. Ended up having to pick it up at the post office today.

July Bag: So what you see on the photo here is the content of the July bag. An etude house body wash, a tony moly blush, a brush from Beauteque’s own brand, a lip treatment from Holika Holika, a toner from Secret Key, and “Yeon/Jeju Hullabong Special Peeling & Pack Mini 4 Set”.
Estimated value: 70 dollars

Got the body wash in chocolate which was what I’d hoped for since I already have the steamed milk version. The one I already have is decent but won’t change your life. It’s an alright body wash. When the one I’m using now runs out, I’ll be trying this one.

The blush isn’t as aggressively pink as it appears in the photo, it looks alright and I like TonyMoly.

Don’t really care for the brush from Beauteque, I signed up to try Korean products that aren’t readily available around here so brushes aren’t really that interesting to me.

The Holika Holika lip treatment has a third step that uses honey, honey dries my skin out. I’ll try it but I’m sceptical that it will work well for me.

The toner from Secret Key apparently comes in both aloe vera and witch hazel. I got the aloe vera version. Given that toners have been an issue for me in the past and that I can’t read the ingredients list to see if it contains alcohol. The soothing effect of the aloe vera is more promising for that reason than witch hazel would have been. I’ll try it but again I’ll have to be careful.

The four pack is essentially different wash off masks and that’s pretty much it. I strongly dislike the packaging here since it reminds me of those milk packages you get on airplanes. It’s not very practical or well… nice. I’ll reserve judgement on the masks until I’ve tried them.

This really does not feel like 70 dollars worth of product given that both Etude House and TonyMoly are relatively cheap brands. The only thing that really impressed me in terms of value would be the toner. So you have two good but cheap products, a 20 dollar toner, their own brush, and several single use products. The thing with single use products is that they really do feel like samples. I haven’t looked up what these products would cost here in Australia but if I’d gone to one of the Korean makeup stores here and spent 70 dollars, I would have expected more both in terms of the number of products but also the number of usages of each product.

The yellow bag is made from some sort of weave. If a powder or glitter product opens up inside this bag it will leak out, not to mention liquid products. It’s sort of that plastic fabric that goes onto camping chairs. I was really looking forward to getting the actual bag itself but it doesn’t feel like this one would successfully prevent leakage from products or prevent them from things like rain. I can’t see it replacing any of my makeup bags/travel pouches/other forms of packaging.

wpid-20150807_174810.jpgGiven the issues I’ve had with the delivery and the sometimes wishywashy interactions with customer service, I’m not too excited to wait for the two bags I’ve got coming. When I wrote this review, I also noticed something else. The product they’re giving instructions for is supposed to be a body wash. It tells you to apply it to your face and relax for 10-15 minutes. Now, I don’t need instructions for how to use a body wash, but this is downright sloppy.

That’s the feeling I get from this service and this company for my first impression. Sloppy. All over meh. I don’t feel confident in interacting with them, I don’t know what I’ll be handed in the next bag except that one of the products will be a concealer. I haven’t been given the link/option to pick a shade for that concealer.
At this point in time, I just don’t feel this thing was worth 100 dollars and a lot of trouble.


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