Retro Essentials: Showpiece Shoes

I tend to recommend things that can be worn on a day to day basis. This is not one of those posts. This, darlings, is a post meant to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and into some awesome shoes. Yes, I did the equivalent of online window shopping with a glass of wine or two in my hand. Again.
The tough kind

Firstly, if you’re the Rockabilly type who loves cars, pomade, and heels, these flaming Jeffrey Campbell shoes might be for you. Prefer bikes instead? Here’s one stand out pair of mirrored boots. Feel like telling your ex exactly how you feel about them? Try these flats with a message. Do you want to be carried by dragons? Have a thing for bows? Like the thought of wearing lipstick on your feet.


How about a pair of heels with a pink underwater pattern? Think this ’90’s revival just doesn’t do high enough platforms? Bring in some strawberries? Are flats more your thing? If so, why not opt for pencils? There seems to be a trend of wearing animal faces on your feet at the moment. Another one of those trends is to have ice cream cones as heels.


Want a pair of white victorian boots to complete a vintage steampunk look? Like music? Try these ones that were specially designed for the “8 variations for Stradivari” exhibition at Cremona, Italy (May 2013). Maybe it’s more about the colours? I don’t know about you, but I have a soft spot for pirate boots. Perhaps it’s more about the silhouette for you? These steampunk bronze Tesla shoes are actually the showpiece pair that I own. These boots almost look practical but are still enough of a statement item to go on this list.

Quirky & Weird
Want to step on Barbie heads? Think shoes would be a great way to express your love of coffee? Wanna wear sharks on your feet? Why not just wrap your feet in plastic? I don’t even know how these shoes work to be honest. Do you want to tell people you’re getting married or literally step on the ‘traditional institution of marriage’? These heels go both ways.


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