Character Creator: Abbie Mills (Sleepy Hollow)

“That’s one way of putting it. Another way would be to say that he was killed with an axe by a man with no head, but that would make me sound crazy.”

Abbie Mills (Nicole Behari) is one of the lead characters in a little show called Sleepy Hollow. Think of it as Supernatural meets the renaissance fair. It’s brilliant. If you haven’t seen it, you really should check it out.

What’s so special about Abbie? She’s a very nuanced character who seems very much like a real person. She’s a workaholic, has an awesome sense of humour, deals with every problem except the ones that hurt too much, cares deeply for her friends, and isn’t willing to put up with any of your bullshit. She’s intelligent, creative, sarcastic, and someone you’d want on your side when the apocalypse begins.

The relationship between her and Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) is fantastic. Their banter is some of the best I’ve seen on television. They operate based on mutual respect that develops as they get to know each other, they seem to become genuine friends who still think the other person can be a bit of a stubborn git sometimes. It’s a great portrayal of friendship. wpid-20150822_165719.jpg

In terms of makeup, Abbie does vary it a bit. Not uncommon since we do have at least two seasons worth of content. She seems to use a matte foundation, a nude or pink lip that is sometimes glossy or seems to use lip balm, occasionally she wears a subtle winged eyeliner and in one of the promotional images I found of her both her upper and lower waterlines are coloured in. There’s also a bit of highlighting going on in some of the promo images. It tends to be a realistic makeup that I fully believe a busy full time working woman would still have the time to do every morning. It’s not the secret agent smokey eye and red lip, but a look that feels very wearable.

wpid-20150822_165822.jpgShe tends to wear her hair down and sometimes tossed over one shoulder. She’s got a very different hair cut from me, so it’s not possible for me to do the exact same style.

Remember when I posted the Liara look and we had a conversation about skin colour? Please go back and read that before you post any angry comments on here.


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