Character Creator: Morrigan (Dragon Age)

“We now have a dog and Alastair is still the dumbest one in the party”
Morrigan, Dragon Age: Origins

This is a clip from Dragon Age Inquisition where Morrigan truly introduces herself to the main character. Minor spoilers.

Morrigan is one of Dragon Age’s more well-known characters. She makes her first appearance in Dragon Age: Origins and reappears again in Dragon Age Inquisition.
Morrigan is known for her sass, cynical nature, and for not having the best social skills in the world. Depending on how you play, Morrigan can change quite a bit as she warms up to your character and which direction you decide to take the story. She’s a romance option in Origins and takes on a more advisory role in Inquisition.

Why did I chose Morrigan as my inspiration for a Character Creator post?
Because she has a personality you seldom see in female characters, is given enough room in the story to truly develop as a character, and because it’s one of the very few instances where we see a dysfunctional relationship between a mother and daughter.
She’s not my personal favourite, I think she’s alright but sometimes she almost falls into the Strong Independent Woman wpid-20150821_195914.jpgarchetype that I don’t really like in RPGs. I do however like that Morrigan enjoys eccentric fashions. There’s nothing minimalistic or ‘natural’ about her, which I really appreciate.

I went with a dark purple/burgundy lip, heavy eye makeup, dark brows, and even did a bit of contouring.
The photo on the left is me trying to replicate an expression Morrigan often has when she’s really tired of your shit and judges the hell out of you.

Morrigan’s style of makeup does not suit me and despite me trying to make minor adjustments to the colours, red/purple eyeshadow just makes me look tired or like I have a black eye.
Since my eyes are hooded it makes it difficult to actually show what the eyeshadow looks like without me closing my eyes, but I hope there’s enough visible in the left one to show the kind of look I went for.

Still, it was a really fun look to create as it’s so far from what I usually wear. Will keep that lipstick around though.

I used a mixture of high and low end brands for this. The foundation is a cushion from Clio, the lips are NYX, the mascara is Clio, the eyeliner is Essence, the contouring kit is from Innisfree, the eyeshadows I used were from BH Cosmetics, Illamasqua, and Bobbi Brown.


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