Challenge: 30 Day Lip Challenge

wpid-20150823_164446.jpgSo there’s this challenge floating around that I thought I might give a shot.
It’s called the #30daysoflipstick challenge and you’re meant to do your lips differently for 30 days. Usually, you’d try a new lipstick every day but I don’t have 30 lipsticks and this is not a reason to buy that many products. So what I’ll do is I’ll come up with 30 different lip looks or products. Some days I might just wear a lip balm, but it will be a different lip balm. No repeats.

Today was the first day and I wore a Loreal Colour Riche lipstick in the shade 175 Violet Chiffon. That was the only makeup I wore today and it looks a lot better on than it does in the tube. It looks like it will be a violent electric purple but it calms down once it’s had time to settle in. It stays on ok but is nothing amazing. An ok or mediocre product. No major flaws but nothing I really feel I’d missed if I randomly lost it.

You won’t get updates every day, but I’ll do bulk posts some of the time.


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