Character Creator: Scout Harding (Dragon Age Inquisition)

Out of all the NPCs in the Dragon Age universe, Scout Harding has become one of my favourites.

wpid-20150821_194744.jpgScout Harding is the Inquisition’s head scout, crucial to their operations away from their stronghold, and one of the cornerstones of the Inquisition’s daily operations. She’s the kind of character where you go ‘yeah, she’d make a great colleague’. She’s competent, friendly, looks out for her fellow scouts, and has a sense of humour. Additionally, she’s one of the few female dwarves that are actually given a decent amount of screen time. I can think of three others in the entire franchise. I also like that Scout Harding is truly responsive to the main character and how she responds to the main character will depend entirely on how you treat her. You’re given the option to flirt with her and she seems to enjoy the banter even if she thinks it a bit odd at first. But given that in the video she doesn’t really appear to be using makeup, why did I chose her for Character Creator?wpid-20150821_194723.jpg
I used this picture for reference. What you see in the picture are distinctly marked eyes and for a scout, this serves a practical purpose. By the gods do I hope that this is an example of thoroughly good character design from Bioware and not just a lucky coincidence. Before the invention of sunglasses, some cultures such as the ancient Egyptians used kohl around their eyes to protect them from the sun. For a scout, this has to be very useful as she often travels in areas with extreme sunlight and her eyesight is crucial to her job.

I used light makeup otherwise, with a nude lip balm and lightweight foundation with a high SPF (again because if the character had access to this, she probably would have used some form of sunscreen). I used a very dark eyeliner (Essence Kajal Pencil in black) and made sure to stretch it out a bit further than I usually do. Perhaps a dark brown would have been closer to what Harding is wearing, but this for some reason felt like the better option. Harding doesn’t seem to be paying attention to her eyebrows from a cosmetic point of view and man did that feel refreshing to not have to do anything with mine for Character Creator for once. I’d actually wear this look, it feels very practical and didn’t take too long to do. I’d probably bush my hair before leaving the house though.


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