Review: Beauteque August BB bag

So, Beauteque and I didn’t get off to a good start. Let’s see if the second round goes any better.
wpid-20150825_123137.jpgThe first thing I noticed was that a mask and two sheets of paper were placed in the envelope and not in the makeup bag despite there being a lot of extra room in the bag. This had the unfortunate side effects that the ink that was on the cards ended up staining the makeup bag during shipping. Will see if I can get it off, but it’s a shame that this happened because I really like the bag itself. It’s a cute turquoise/mint colour with a bow on the front. The material is solid and the outside is easy to clean.

Beyond the card listing the products there was a business card that stated
“Dear Valued Subscriber, we want to thank you for being loyal and sticking with us as we change for the better! Please enjoy this bonus free sheet mask! Best,  The Beauteque Team”

I’m assuming this is because I contacted their customer service in regards to the issues I had with the first bag. The mask itself is a Black Rose Acne Fighting Mask from Miho Cosmetics (Hanaka). The thing is, it’s not a sheet mask. If you’re writing a card where you’re  apologising for your service, then make sure it’s right.

wpid-20150825_123128.jpgSo let’s look at what was inside the bag. The full contents can be seen below, including the bonus mask. Bag, bonus mask, sheet mask, eyeliner, concealer, hair mask, blotting paper and a repair cream. Six products inside the bag.
Let’s have a look at what the card says:
Holika Holika Wonder Drawing No Smudge Liquid Eyeliner. 13.50
Hanaka V-Line Chin Patch 3.80
Pure Derm Clean and Fresh Peeling Gel. 8.50
Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream. 25
The Saem Perfection Concealer Tip Cover. 8.50

Pure Derm Hair Mask – Honey. 6.95
Blotting paper. 5.

Look at those two lists again. Yes, that’s right. The card lists an item that’s not in the bag.
Seriously, Beauteque. Three mistakes in a bag where you apologise for previous issues…. A typo is fine and happens, but to not include every product you say you’ll send is something I take very seriously. Thirdly, be careful with your packaging. The item I was probably the most excited about (the bag) arrived damaged due to how it was packaged.

The Saem Concealer – I mentioned in my previous entry on Beauteque for the July bag that I’d never been sent the link where you get to select between the variations for two products each month. Thus I’ve ended up with a concealer that is too dark for me. I might still be able to use it for character creator or subtle contouring, but it’s a shame when something like a faulty or missing link means I can’t truly use the product.

Pure Derm Hair Mask – Whilst I like hair masks, honey tends to dry my skin out quite badly. I’ll have to try this one before I can say one way or another. The other two options you could have been sent were chamomile (reduces frizz and damage – would probably have been my first choice) and Jojoba Oil (hydrating and nourishing). Would have preferred either of the other options, not sure if this was the second item you should have been able to select. I’ll give it a try. Bonus for clear instructions in English.

HolikaHolika Eyeliner – I’m quite excited about this one. HolikaHolika isn’t readily available where I live so that’s a bonus. It has a thin brush with a good grip, which is a good start.

Blotting paper – it’s blotting paper. It’s also French themed. I don’t like France, especially not when I’m using a Korea focused service. I don’t find a massive difference between blotting papers, so will just end up in the pile of ‘things I use every now and then’. It’s a bit like getting cotton pads. Useful but not exciting and something you can pick up for 2 dollars at your nearest store. Tried a sheet and they work ok.

Hanaka V-Line Chin Patch – I like the concept of the product, this is the kind of thing I can’t find at regular beauty stores in Western countries. Keen to try it but a bit hesitant since it contains a lot of collagen and alcohol, which are the two main things I tend to get skin issues from. The packaging has a cute Alice in Wonderland theme.

Mizon All in One Cream – Really keen to try this one. Korean skin care is in a league of its own, Mizon is a brand I’ve heard good things about but haven’t had the chance to try, and it’s a kind of product I don’t already have. Awesome.

Pure Derm Peeling Gel – Missing. It wasn’t in the bag or envelope. It’s a shame because I really would have liked to try this product.

Bonus – Black Rose Acne Fighting Mask from Hanaka.
Don’t really have acne problems and prefer sheet masks to clay. Still really keen for this one since it seems to be good for a lot of skin issues. It’s also a product I haven’t seen around here, and that’s the whole reason why I subscribed to this BB bag. To try things I can’t find here.

So can I recommend Beauteque after giving them a second chance?
There were no issues with shipping this time, which reduced a lot of stress. Sadly, it’s still very… sloppy. Three mistakes in one bag is too much, especially when it concerns a product that was never sent. This combined with the missing link meant that I don’t feel like I got the full value of the service since 1-2 products that were meant to be included are either missing completely or in a colour that just doesn’t work with my skin. The damaged bag is also a big minus since it’s such a beautiful bag otherwise, but it is a bit like getting a shirt from an online clothing store and discovering stains on it. Whilst I appreciate that Beauteque put in a free bonus to apologise for any issues there’s been in the past, I would rather that there were no issues. Especially not another three.


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