Retro Essentials: Casual Pinup (Spring)

A lot of pinup/rockabilly/vintage/retro/whatever clothes and styles are focused on when you dress up for an occasion, so I thought I’d dedicate a post to casual wear. Given that spring is around the corner it makes sense to focus on what is available for this new season. We’re going to focus on budget friendly items from mainstream stores, again sticking to the format of my winter post.

tops are surprisingly difficult to make both casual and pinup. I’d recommend having something with 3/4 sleeves as these shirts are easy to dress up and down, if you don’t like the lime version up there then there’s a classic white one too. Instead of opting for a regular t-shirt or blouse, opt for one with a classic print and a small detail. For work, I’d recommend sticking to long sleeves while it’s still a bit cold outside. Instead of a regular button up, go for a classic white blouse with, again, a classic feminine detail. For a more casual and spring inspired design, try something off the shoulder and/or floral designs. Feel that bright colours ins’t your thing? Try these t-shirts with a lace trim. If you work in an office with a freezing aircon and feel that cardigans are a bit much now that winter is over, then this light poncho with a hint of a nautical theme might be a good option. A draped shirt in a slightly fancier material is a good thing to keep in your closet since it goes well with both denim and dress pants and thus can be worn to a lot of different occasions. There’s still some space for knitwear as long as you keep it light, I’d recommend this red tunic with a bold print. Want something more conservative for work? A high necked blouse with ruffles might be a nice option. Scoop necks are another classic option.
H&M – Striped off the shoulder top, quite cute. Stripes seem to be a big thing for H&M at the moment, and this red striped t-shirt would make for a great casual pinup shirt. Oh look, more stripes.
Instead of wearing a shirt with a collar and a scarf, you could just have it printed on the shirt in the first place. This shirt could have been sold at any specialised pinup store. I can’t tell if this is a dress with a hole in it or a shirt with add ons, but it’s pretty cool. A classic sleeveless tie blouse is another good casual option for several seasons, it’s especially cute with that floral pattern. Oh and there’s a nice tank top that’s a very classic casual pinup option. Want something less classic and more eccentric? Try sushi.

Yay, the most easy type of garment there is to get into! Target has a nice blue dress with white spots that can be worn at work out for lunch. If you like black, I’d recommend this cute casual number that is short but still quite conservative. You guys know my love for wrap dresses and I have actually ordered this one and am waiting for it to show up. If you want something truly casual, this striped one looks really comfortable. Ok, not quite a dress but an H&M romper that’s adorable. Feel like combining camo with palm trees? Try this maxi dress.. Or are you more of a pink & lace person?  Another spring coloured option is this casual pale yellow dress. Now this is one I’ve come close to buying several times, it’s a casual thinly knit nautical themed dress. With a bow. Shirt dresses are another nice option, this one would look fantastic with red lipstick.
Currently on sale at Sportsgirl is this red striped dress that should reach your knees at least, it comes in black and white too. If you’re looking for something that you can wear into summer, City Chic has a gorgeous blue floral dress. This floral maxi dress form them is easy to dress up or down, which is why I love maxi dresses in the first place. Big W sells this adorable halter neck dress that seems to be perfect for a picnic. If you want to spend a little more for a dress to wear to day events, this white lace number from Forever New might catch your interest.


H&M starts out strongly with this scuba skirt. Want something a little longer for that casual vintage feel? Try a midi in a soft fabric. For the gorgeous deep ocean green colour and the loose fit, I really want this one. Oh look, more stripes. Want something a little more eccentric for work than a regular pencil skirt? Target might have something for you. Another cute variation of a pencil skirt is this patterned option from H&M that is a really awesome statement item. This pattern falls somewhere between doodles and zebra print. Currently on sale at Forever New are these navy shorts. Want more colour?

Opting for pants instead? Dark, skinny, and high waisted never goes wrong. If you’re more the Katherine Hepburn type, I’d suggest these wide pants. If you’re brave, go for these leather biker pants. Want something military inspired but casual instead? Target has you covered. If white is more your thing, H&M has a lot of white pants.

All of the blazers and cardigans you bought for winter should still be wearable if combined with lighter clothing for spring. The same thing applies to shoes. This post has mainly been about the things that might be missing from your wardrobe or might need a seasonal update. I’ll do more on cardigans and shoes and that kind of thing for summer since that’s a greater challenge given our melting temperatures.


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