Retro Essentials: Op Shop Pinup Challenge

One of the most appreciated posts I’ve created for this series was about how to do the various retro styles on a budget. That post contained a point on Op Shops and second hand. So I thought it was time to draw some more attention to that point.
Hence the launch of the Op Shop Pinup Challenge.

The idea is simple, you go into an op shop and create at least one pinup or vintage outfit. And that’s it.
I did this challenge today. I headed to the Red Cross’s Op Shop in the Valley in Brisbane and bought these two outfits.
The first one is a simple outfit that will work great in summer. It’s a brown polkadot skirt that fit quite well but is a bit too big in the waist. The shirt is a v-neck one and it has those gatherings around the arms that is a theme found in a lot of pinup style shirts. It fits really well and is super comfortable. It’s a very casual outfit and I need some of those.
The second one is more winter focused or formal with a knitted shirt that has buttons in the waist and some nice white details that makes it look a little bit nautical in my opinion. I really like it and it’s so comfortable. The skirt was the one thing I was a bit worried about, it’s a size 10 and my butt isn’t. But it did fit and the lining only covers the very top of your legs, instead the full length material is that see-through-nylon-mesh material that is really popular right now. The good thing is that these tops go with either skirt, so it’s a versatile set of outfits.


Guess what these four items cost me? 16 dollars.
Successfully completed the challenge.

I’d love to see what other outfits people can create with items they’ve bought at op shops. So yeah, I hope other people join in on the challenge and either share their outfits in the comment section or on their own blogs/social media/other internet things.

Bonus: a lot of op shops support great causes, no matter if it’s the RSPCA or the Red Cross or Lifeline… It might be worth giving them some support too 🙂


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