Review: Clio Art Shadow – Forte Green Brown

Look to the right. Does it look like I’m wearing a lot of eyeshadow? No?wpid-20150829_102313.jpg
That’s because my eyes are extremely hooded and the parts where the eyeshadow goes is pretty much not visible at all when my eyes are open. This in turn means that wearing elaborate eyeshadow is kinda difficult. That’s what you need to keep in mind when you read this review.

Brand: Clio
Product: Art Shadow (trio)
Shade: 417 Forte Green Brown.


Purchased:  W Cosmetics Brisbane CBD
Cost: 18.95 AUD

First Impression: This is a gorgeous trio, the packaging is very convenient (and pretty), and the colours work well together. I have a thing for rich green colours and then remember that they don’t look good on me, but man are they beautiful. The very first thing I noticed when I applied it was that it’s extremely pigmented. Way more than I expected. That’s why the look you’ll see below is a bit more in yo face than I usually wear. Clio makes great eye products and this is no exception, I just wasn’t prepared for it.
I combined it with one of Clio’s dark green Gelpresso eyeliners and my regular Clio mascara, because if you have the chance to go all Clio you might as well go all Clio.
I imagine these shadows would look amazing on brown eyes, it’s a little weird for my weird hybrid colour. As a side note, the product has a 2 year shelf life after it has been opened.

wpid-20150705_205756.jpgPackaging: It’s gorgeous. It’s like a small compact and comes with a small applicator. I haven’t tried the applicator yet, so I can’t comment on its quality. As you can see above it comes with a mirror that’s actually really practical. The shadow and the mirror are separated by a layer of plastic that holds the applicator and can be easily removed. This is really practical since shadows in all palettes tend to end up on the mirror, by allowing that plastic sheet to have a function (holding the applicator) and allowing it to actually be reusable you solve a problem that has annoyed makeup fans for a very long time.
The packaging is a good size, perfect to keep in your bag, and seems sturdy enough for it not to open at the worst possible moment. Big fan of this whole packaging. Practical, clever, and stylish. Good work, Clio.

Usage: As I said, the green shadow is extremely pigmented. You need to keep that in mind or you’ll end up with a look that is very different from what you had in mind. I took the photo below at about 2pm and had applied the shadow about 10am, so this is four hours into wearing it. The one thing I have to say that you need to keep in mind is that there will be fallout. I’d recommend doing your shadow before you put on foundation so that you can clean up that fallout properly. I’d also recommend wearing a proper. Also, don’t scratch your eyebrows right before taking a picture, just noticed that as I’m typing this and yeah, it’s not a good look. Oh, and clean up any eyeliner that has moved over those four hours before you take a photo… I used the green as a base, put the dark brown in the crease/outer corner, and used the gold to highlight the centre. I’ll play around with this trio a bit more but I suspect you can create a number of cool designs with it. But yeah, it’s extremely pigmented, stays pigmented, and blends alright. Why my eyeshadow goes that high? It’s a hooded eye thing, if I don’t go above the crease you will literally see zero shadow when my eyes are full open. Look at the photo above, that’s how little is visible even when I extend it upwards. wpid-20150829_134110.jpg

Value for money: Pretty good. It’s not the cheapest trio but since it’s a very practical product with a very long lifespan. It’s quite versatile and of good quality. It’s a bit expensive though but it’s the normal price range for Clio products in Australia. I’d probably pick this up on a sale if I were you, but it’s definitely worth a shot. They have several different variations of their trios, so you’ll easily find a set with the colours you want.

Would I buy this again? I’m not sure to be honest. It’s not a brilliant shadow for me, sadly, and I might need to work with this a bit more to fully know what I can do with it. Glad that I bought it but it’s not my favourite product either. I’ve bought a few Clio single eyeshadows and look forward to playing with those. If Clio released a full palette I’d probably opt for that instead, because their shadows are of a really good quality. Just a bit much fallout.


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