#30DaysOfLipstick Week One

We’re a quarter through this experiment and I’m already struggling to keep track of what I’ve worn and what I havenwpid-20150823_164446.jpg‘t. It’s fun though, it’s forced me to be a bit more creative with my makeup than I usually am and today is a sure sign of that.

Day 1: August 23rd

Wore a Loreal lipstick that looks extremely purple in the tube, I think it’s called violet chiffon but I know I specified that in a previous post.

wpid-20150824_103118.jpgDay 2: August 24t

Tony Moly’s Tony Tint Delight in 01.wpid-20150825_102110.jpg

Day 3: August 25th.
Used a pink cushion tint from the Saem. Horrible horrible photo

Day 3: August 26th
Forgot to take a photo but made a note that I used TonyMoly’s Crystal Lips Stick in Red.


Day 4:  August 27th
Wore one of MaxFactor’s flipsticks in deep purple and pink.

This is one of my favourite western lip products so you’ll probably see a full review of it sometime soon.


Day 5: August 28th
Wore a chapstick. Overslept so went without makeup.

Yes, I wore the same dress two days in a row, deal with it.


Day 6: August 29th
Wore another TonyTint, this time in 02 with NYX’s Mischievous lipstick over it to create a different effect.


Day 7: August 30th.
Today I went all out and wore a golden MAC lipstick, the one I bought at the Estee Lauder event. Also attempted to do my eyes but am still not good at it. My Kat von D liner had dried out, so I had to patch it up with the one I just got from Holika Holika. Am now in the middle of brunch and it feels like the lipstick has gotten patchy already. Might need to use a lip primer beneath it.


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