October Giveaway! (Open)

You may have noticed that I’m slightly excited about October. So excited in fact that I decided to do a giveaway. This time we have two different prices. One edgier/Halloween themed and one beauty themed.
Who can enter? Anyone in Australia
Open until: October 15.

How do you enter?
Step 1. Share the blog’s home page (www.polishedcryptids.com) on a social media account of your choosing and take a screenshot or photo for verification.
Step 2. Comment on this post or one of the FB posts made by me.
For Halloween: Tell me who your favourite style icon from a horror show or movie is!
For Beauty: tell me about your favourite makeup look!

wpid-20150930_161854.jpgPlease ensure that the comment contains some way for me to contact you, such as the name you use on Facebook or a link to a social media account. If you don’t want this information visible on the blog, please write so in your comment and I won’t publish it.

Can you enter in both?
Yes, but you can only win one.
How will it be determined who wins? Random draw.
If you’re the lucky winner, I will contact you via the information you provided in your comment. You will be asked for the screenshot/photo showing that you shared the site, as well as your shipping address.
Halloween contents:
One pair of sugar skull headphones from Typo
One cherry necklace from Voodoo Lulu
One bag from Liquor Brand
wpid-20150930_161925.jpgTwo eyeshadow stickers from Trash Monkey (Pumpkin & Peacock)

Beauty bag:
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion 5ml
Soap & Glory scrub gloves
The Balm Shady Lady Eyeshadow in Sexy Stacey

MDI strawberry scented lipgloss
Three sheet masks from Innisfree & Nature Republic


Review: Maybelline’s Super Stay 24h Colour

Product: Super Stay 24h Colour
Brand: Maybelline
Shade: All Day Cherry
Price: 22.95 AUD at Priceline
Available: Easy to find, most makeup stores will carry Maybelline.

First Impression: the colour is nice, it looks like a very classic red in the package. 23 dollars is a bit pricey for a drugstore lip product so I was a bit hesitant when I bought it. The two step application process was something I hadn’t tried before and it wasn’t difficult to do. The product is smooth on the lips, though especially the first step does need to be applied with some care to avoid awkward buildup. Once it is all in place it is very pleasant to wear. It doesn’t really stain, doesn’t dry your lips out, wpid-20150920_110751.jpgdoesn’t have a glossy finish. It stays on pretty well too, especially for a drugstore brand, but it won’t last 24h. Overall really happy with it, it’s a good product.
Pretty practical, clean and simple design, won’t take up too much space. Good for travel since it’s long lasting and small. You need to make sure that you close it properly, it kinda does have a tendency to get a bit twisted.


Apply the red liquid lipstick first, let it dry for a minute or two, once it’s dry you then apply the balm. It’s a bit more like a wax than a balm but it works pretty well. For optimal results, ensure that your lips are clean, dry, and don’t have any dead skin on them. In other words, exfoliate.

Value for money: I purchased this product a few months ago and I didn’t remember it costing a full 23 dollars. It is a bit pricey but I don’t think I would have thought it too expensive if it had been a product from the Balm. I’m just not used to Maybelline costing that much for some reason. It is a solid product and better than other similar products I’ve tried. I’d probably advise people to pick it up when it goes on sale if the price is a turnoff.

Would I buy this again?
I have so many red lipsticks that it’s insane, but I might pick it up in purple or a colour where I don’t have any good products. So I probably wouldn’t repurchase this exact shade simply because I have no need for it, not because it’s bad.

Exercise for the unfit: 30 min power yoga for strength

Since my neck has been causing me a lot of trouble lately and pilates tends to be uncomfortable with neck pain, I decided to give power yoga a go. I used to do a lot of power yoga a few years ago and return to it every now and then. Since I’m still a bit sick and have a stuffed/runny nose I decided to do a fairly short session. I once again looked to Sean Vigue’s videos. Why? Because he’s to the point, funny, and doesn’t include all the philosophical bullshit (the power yoga sessions I used to attend ended with group meditation). This one focused on strength development and a lot of his classes are intended for athletes or tailored towards men. It’s just more… straightforward.Read More »

Retro Essentials: Hair Care

Y’all know I have a fairly unusual way of approaching hair care and hair styling. However, it does seem to work since my hair grows like weed, is of a pretty good quality, and I seldom have any issues with it. So let’s have a look at some hair care tips that work for me and enables me to incorporate vintage styles into my everyday style even when it comes to my hair.

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Retro Essentials: Currents – October Dresses

October is only a few days away and it is one of my favourite months. Why? Two reasons. Halloween and my birthday. Elsewhere in the world it’s the last light to go out before winter, when the leaves are still golden, and the cold can still be chased away with a cup of tea. Anyhow, I thought about making this series a monthly thing with occasional themed posts.
So yeah, here’s some of the items currently available going into October.

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Done! #30DaysOfLipstick

Pardon the delay, a combination of flu and poor timing delayed my post. I took a few days off and have now been able to find the two last pieces.

Yesterday, day 29 so to speak, I wore a combination of two things I’ve worn before. It’s the Bésame lipstick in Red Velvet combined with the lip tint from Etude house that’s like a tinted lip balm. I wore it over the lipstick to change the texture from matte to soft. wpid-20150924_093142.jpg

Today I wore a more eccentric combination. The last look was a mixture of two lipsticks from the NYX Wicked Lippie series. Immortal, which is a dark purple. And Stone Cold which is a silvery white. As you can tell, these two would have needed a lip pen and concealer around the mouth as they highlight redness.
wpid-20150925_114941.jpgThat’s actually a pretty common thing with both green and blue colours. They struggle to cancel out the red. They need a third component to actually work. Let’s just say I didn’t wear this for very long. My tip would be to wear concealer on and around your lips, followed by a blue or green lip pen on the actual lip. The colour itself looks quite nice but without the proper base it just becomes messy up close.

Geek Chic Cosmetics – First Impressions

Recently, I bought eleven eyeshadows from Geek Chic Cosmetics and they just arrived. So I thought it was time to give them a go. Please note that this is not a complete review as I’ve only done the equivalent of trying a dress on in a fitting room. I used ten of the eyeshadows, grouped them based on the source of their inspiration, and played around with them. Again, these are not necessarily looks I would wear in public but just me toying around with ideas.

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