#30DaysOfLipstick 1/3 Completed

Reaching the point where I’m getting confused about my red lipsticks. As in, I can no longer just look at the selfies and instantly identify the product. Turns out I own a lot of red lipsticks.

wpid-20150831_080302.jpgDay 8: Monday August 31st
I was ambitious this Monday morning and decided to channel Marvel’s Agent Peggy Carter. I even wore pants instead of a dress. That I then had an allergic reaction to…
Anyhow, this is about lipstick and not allergies.
This is Besame’s Red Velvet and this was the first time I wore it. I adore it. It’s a really nice wpid-20150901_083924.jpglipstick. I truly recommend it.

Day 9: Tuesday September 1st
Wore that lipstick from Lipstick Queen that is meant to adapt to your skin tone and make your teeth look white. 36 dollars for what feels like a tinted lipstick. I couldn’t even be bothered looking convinced in the photo. It’s just a gimmick that doesn’t pay off. Seriously, they look slightly more shiny than usual and that’s all.

wpid-20150902_154736.jpgDay 10: WakeMake Red Lipstick

This is a drugstore lipstick I picked up in Korea. I have no idea what it cost and have never seen it sold elsewhere. It’s a sheer red colour that I here built up to look a bit more red. It’s an alright product but nothing special, I use it from time to time


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