Retro Essentials: Vintage Waves for the Tool-less

So, you don’t own a curling iron, hot rollers, foam rollers, those rollers covered in velcro, or any other tool typically used for curling. You still want vintage waves, what do you do?

Sure, you can pincurl and get an arm focused workout accomplished. But that takes time, effort, practice, and patience. So is there another option? Yes, otherwise this would be one clickbait of a post.
This Monday, I decided to be inspired by Peggy Carter (you know, from Marvel’s Agent Carter and Captain America?) and went for soft waves, red lips, and practical but vintage inspired clothing. This is what it looked like.


Given that this required no heat, no specific tools, and only a total of 10 minute hair work, I’d say it’s a good result. So lets have a look at what I did.

What do you need? Hair brush, three hair ties, hair spray, some self-deprecating humour, and ideally a scarf.
Time at night: <5 minutes
Sleep comfort: alright
Time in the morning: about 5 minutes.

Have your three hair ties at hand. Brush your hair. Divide it into three parts, one on the right side, one on the left and one at the back. Take a section, braid it. Don’t use the hair tie just yet. Instead twist it down and back until it starts to curl up. You’re creating a braided bun on the side of your head. Attach it with the hair tie. Spray it with the spray. Repeat on the other two sections. It will look something like this:


This is the part where you need the self-deprecating humour. You will look absolutely ridiculous. Embrace it. Make weird faces and enjoy feeling like a clown off-duty. If you can’t stand the way you look or want to keep it in place, tie a scarf around your head. I did that after I’d made faces at my phone’s camera. Because I’m still not good with scarves, it did fall off during the night, but it’s still worth it to get some protection.

In the morning, wake up having forgotten exactly what you did to your appearance last night. Look in the mirror, survive heart attack. As the last step of getting ready, release the buns. Using a wide-toothed comb, comb through carefully and shape the waves with your hands. Spray with hairspray to secure. Hopefully your hair now looks more like picture no 1 than picture no 2. Hopefully.

What is this good for? Soft vintage waves on long hair
Does it require a lot of effort? Nah
Does it cost a lot? Nope, all things needed are cheap.
Is it quick? Yup
It it kind to your hair: compared to other curling methods, yes.
Do you need to practice this? Nope, this was the first time I tried it and I’m still happy to recommend it
If you want more pronounced waves: make more buns.


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