#30DaysofLipstick -Two weeks down.

wpid-20150903_094135.jpgDay 11: Sept 3

I was interning on this day and thus went with a lip balm. It’s Skin’s Macaroon Lip Balm in Strawberry. Nothing Special.


Day 12: Sept 4
I wore NYX’s Wicked Lippie in 04 Wrath.
It’s a bronze coloured lipstick that I’ve reviewed here before and it’s a colour I usually wear during winter.

Day 13: Sept 5

I’m cheating a bit here. Technically I wore this late on the 4th and not on the 5th. I actually had nude lips during this day, but I still completed the task of using a different lip colour every day. It’s like handing an assignment in a day before it’s due. This is a TonyMoly lipstick/clickstick whatever variation they came up with for product name. It’s a pretty good product, so it might get its own review.

Day 14: Sept 6wpid-20150906_094858.jpg
This was me today. I’m wearing an orange-red lipstick from Clio. It’s good with one exception, it tends to bleed. As you can tell from the photo, I’m really tired. It has been a really long week.


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