Character Creator: Faith (Mirror’s Edge)

This was a challenging one.
Mainly because I couldn’t find my liquid eyeliner and thus had to use a pencil liner, which was a disaster.
Anyhow, Faith and Mirror’s Edge.
This is one of the Story Trailers that was released for the game and it has a different art style than the actual game.

Mirror’s Edge was one of those games that seemingly came from nowhere and revolutionised gaming. This was in 2008 and thus before ACII and it is fair to say that this was a significant factor in making parkour cool. Before we got fed up with it. It’s a first person action-adventure game that is set in a rather dystopian but sun drenched future.
Fatih herself is a ‘runner’ a sort of courier who carries messages for resistance groups that can’t use the 1984 style communication systems in this dystopian world. She has a bit of a dark past, because you can’t have a protagonist who hasn’t experienced painful events. 

Faith is one of those characters that is well respected and part of an iconic game but that hasn’t become an icon in and of her own right. I think she deserves better, and with the sequel to Mirror’s Edge being schedule for released in February, there’s a high chance she’ll reach that status. This lady truly does deserve a successful franchise of her own. wpid-20150907_211144.jpg

Pretty much the only thing Faith has that stands out about her makeup is her weird eye design. I opted for a hybrid between the style in the video and the style in the game. Mainly because of a lack of a liquid eyeliner. Also, some designs are apparently not meant to be worn when smiling. This is far from my best work, but it was fun to do something a little bit different.


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