Character Creator: Domino (Marvel Universe)

Domino isn’t one of Marvel’s best known characters and has mainly had low-medium roles. She’s a mutant born out of a government experiment, an excellent marksman, often mercenary, and has the ability to influence probability fields. Meaning she’s one lucky lady.

wpid-20150909_133933.jpgShe has mainly been a part of the X-men story lines but has also been associated with SHIELD and Deadpool. You’ll usually find her operating under some form of alias. In popular media, wpid-20150909_133949.jpgshe’s had cameos in some of the Marvel Cartoons and have made appearances in some of the video games related to the universe. I’m really hoping this character at least gets a cameo in one of the Marvel movies, but nothing to that effect has been announced.

Random pieces of information about Domino: she’s afraid of chickens, is extremely fit but not superhuman, is multilingual, and the black mark around her eye is not a tattoo but rather a part of her mutation.

This is one of the few characters I’d consider cosplaying as. Tight black outfit, guns, corpse paint. I could do that.

Her typical trademarks are her pale skin, jet black hair, and the black mark around her eye. I decided my skin was pale enough as it is, so I stuck to the eye makeup. In terms of lips, I’ve seen her portrayed with black, blue, and red lips so I went for red since that was the colour I was already wearing. It is surprisingly difficult to turn large parts of your skin into opaque blocks of colour, which was the same problem I ran into with Liara. This time I outlined the area with a pencil eyeliner, sketched it over until I had medium coverage and then used a black matte eyeshadow to build it up to full darkness. The outline isn’t perfect, but one of the problems with Domino as she’s portrayed by Marvel is the fact that the shape of her dark patch tends to change. So I wasn’t entirely certain which version to go for and thus ended up with a hybrid. I did a simplified cat eye on my other eye and added on mascara on both eyes. I actually really enjoyed creating this look, it’s like a classical vintage makeup style but with an obvious added twist. I’d definitely consider recreating Domino’s look for a Halloween costume or cosplay event.

I’m really really happy with the fact that I was able to create such a solid black area around the left eye, if I were to wear this to an event or something, I’d clean the edges up with a q-tip. I’d also do foundation afterwards because man does that eyeliner and eyeshadow for some reason stick to your fingers (despite me using a pencil liner and a brush for the eyeshadow), so there’s a lot of fallout. I’m also happy because I didn’t know a lot about Domino before I started Character Creator and it turns out she’s actually a really cool character that I’d like to see more of.


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