Retro Essentials: Bedroom Setup

So I am in the process of switching bedrooms and thought it was worth doing a post on how to bring retro elements into your daily living and how to create a vintage friendly feel in a room you can’t modify too much. The furniture came with the room and I’m not completely moved in yet but have the majority of my things here.

wpid-20150911_191138.jpgThis is a simple way to use hair flowers and hair accessories to decorate a surface, not only do you have things easily accessible, but it actually looks pretty too. The blue box in the middle contains all my nail polishes and I plan on putting things like cotton balls and polish remover in the actual drawer. If you’re not permitted to keep real flowers or put things on the walls, this is a nice and practical way to show some personality in your decoration.

This is another way of using items you need as decoration. By keeping an open clothes rack or whatever you call those glorifiedwpid-20150911_191214.jpg poles, you can use your prettiest outfits as a way to bring genuine vintage elements into the room. I use this for functional reasons since none of my wardrobes can actually hold full length dresses, but if you have a case of white walls and no decoration this can be a way to be allowed to showcase some colours and patterns.

wpid-20150911_191133.jpgThis is my makeup table. I have never really had a dedicated makeup table before, but since I never use my desk to actually study and have a dresser on which I keep my tv… Why not. This is again a chance to use functional items to display some personality, bring some colour into an otherwise beige room, and to create a system where you can have things properly sorted. If you want to experience luxury in your everyday life, have a designated vanity table, no matter if it’s a ratty old desk or not. The reason I decided to set it up here is those blinds in the background. I considered keeping it all on my dresser, but natural daylight is the best type of light for applying makeup and it was something I really missed in my old room. wpid-20150911_191326.jpg

Here’s showing a bit more of the layout of the room, it is divided into two sections and the first is the section you’ve already seen. This is where I’ll keep my fancier clothes, use the second wardrobe for storage, and have a full on beauty set up. Note the plastic bag and open suitcase I’ve used to carry shit into this place. I’d like to say it’s messy because I’m moving, but it will always be messy because I am that kind of person. The internal window and the opening can be closed with shutters or… french doors that have the type of glass you’d typically see on bathroom windows. This means that I can shut those things, open the blinds, and be able to wake up to daylight without worrying that some creep will be able to watch me through the windows. Double win.


This is the bedroom compartment.
The suitcase will be gone and most of the clothes on the chair have found their way into a wardrobe by now. What I want you to pay attention to is the vibrant quilt, the rich dark colours combines with the white walls. The green pattern is eccentric enough for me, but if you don’t have that luxury, use fabrics to give the room some personality. I’ve since brought in my regular quilt and have moved this one to camouflage the ikea chair you can see in the picture. This is the first time in years that I’ve had an actual chair in my room beyond an office chair. There’s also a laundry basket hanging out by the chair. That’s not a permanent design feature. However, the choice of lamp helps bring in a bit of a vintage feel even if it’s a later era than I usually like. Use small things like this to bring in elements you like. Oh and if you can, get a nice headboard. It just looks like a more serious room if there’s a headboard.

wpid-20150911_191309.jpgThis is the last section of the room, the slightly weird shape is a reason I like it. This shows wardrobe no 3, and it’s my casual one. The drawer on the bottom will feature shirts I don’t consider important enough to put on a hanger. The actual wardrobe part contains towels, sheets, and an “underwear and sleepwear” compartment (read fold up box). I’ll also throw in some really casual dresses in there. On the door to the right you see my shoe hanger that also contains SPF. The space between the wardrobe and door is where I intend to put my vintage dresser (with a mirror), the TV and video game consoles I always keep on it. So it will be the casual side.

On an everyday basis this is the section I’ll use the most, it’s where all the casual stuff is and then when I feel like indulging in my pinup/vintage interests, I have a section set up for that.


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