Retro Essentials: Style Mash – Gothic Vintage

wpid-20150912_114639.jpgIt seems like it will be a rainy day, I wanted to wear something comfortable, and needed to find a lipstick I hadn’t used for #30DaysOfLipstick yet. Somehow this resulted in me thinking it would be a great idea to put a gothic twist on my usual style.

Clothing wise I’m wearing a black midi skirt that is fantastic for casual wear and one of the most comfortable items I own. I usually combine it with a brighter shirt and a blazer to offset the dark look it gives. I’ll need to do a fair amount of moving and cleaning today, so comfort was important.

The shirt I’m wearing is one I picked up at the red cross. It’s quite warm without being bulky, the white stripes on it makes it look a bit nautical and gives it a bit of character. I’d typically wear it with a pencil skirt, a colourful maxi, or just with jeans. See that weird blip in the pattern on my hip? That’s actually because this is a wrap shirt and between that blip and the white stripes coming down my chest is a row of buttons.

I’ve combined all this with a pair of black ballet flats. This full outfit would have cost about dollars. Skirt 10, flats 15, and the shirt was in a bundle of clothes where I got 4 for 16.

Here’s my face. You’ve probably seen it before.
wpid-20150912_114504.jpgI opted for one of my lighter foundations (Etude House Cushion), used concealer (Urban Decay Naked) on a few spots, used some very mild highlighting on the cheekbones (Laneige cushion highlighter), and used a translucent setting powder from the Balm. This is already more makeup than I usually wear on a daily basis.

The lips are a dark wine coloured lipstick from NYX (you’ll see the specific name in the next lipstick post). wpid-20150912_114512.jpg

Once again the light and my phone catches any redness that is even near my face. Fear not, it looks like regular skin in real life.

What the picture on my right is showing is meant to be my eye look. The eyeliner (look who attempted wings!) is from Stila and I bought it for an eyeliner comparison post and realised I actually needed to try it to be able to comment on it. Beyond that, I’ve used the NYX Wicked Dreams palette on my eyes. I used a natural shimmery beige over the entire lid and up to the brow bone as a base, in the outer third or so of the eye I lightly used a dark purple shadow to bring back the colour scheme from the lips. I then used a salmon coloured shimmery shadow on the rest of the lid to blend it out a bit. I used a black shadow from the same palette to set the eyeliner along the upper and lower lashes. For those of you with hooded eyes, this is a good option to using a lot of eyeliner on your eyelids as the transfer to your crease will be lighter and not as obvious. As for mascara, I ventured away from my usual Clio one to one from the Balm called Tall, Dark, and Handsome. I didn’t do anything to my brows, this look is dramatic enough as it is and my brows tend to behave pretty well.

In regards to my hair, I’ve just pinned some of it back to keep it out of my face, attached it with bobby pins and added a dark red velvet rose as my hair flower of the day to keep the gothic theme going. I didn’t wash my hair this morning since I know I’ll be doing a lot of cleaning and moving and sweaty stuff in general, so this is a decent way of hiding that my hair isn’t 100% clean.


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