18-21 out of #30DaysOfLipstick

wpid-20150910_110116.jpgDay 18: September 10th
This is NYX Wicked Lippie in Power, it’s a sort of dark frosty pink colour. It’s an alright colour but nothing amazing.


Day 19: September 11th.
This is the only lipgloss I own. It’s from Revlon and is called something along the lines of Electro-Shock. It’s got these weird blue sparkles in them and it wore off during the day pretty instantly.


Day 20: September 12th

Another NYX product… “Lip Smacking Fun Colours” in Violet Ray no 561.

It stays on pretty well, it’s definitely a statement colour and rather bold. After a few hours it did start to crumble, but it’s still decent.

Day 21: September 13th
Today it’s back to the Korean brands.
This seems to be a tinted lip balm, which wasn’t what I expected when I bought it.wpid-20150913_113938.jpg

It has a pink/lavender tint to it, but I expected it to be this crazy vibrant lavender colour. Kinda happy it’s not, bought it as a dare to make myself go for more lavender colours instead of leaning on red. Annyhow, it’s from Innisfree, it’s not currently on their international website so I can’t look it up and the writing on it is all in Korean…


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