The Tattoo Tag

1. How may tattoos do you have?
It depends on how you count. 6 or 7.
2. What’s your favorite tattoo?
My leg ones, no doubt. It’s an intricate lace pattern that wraps around both my thighs, it’s meant to remind me of how women used to draw stocking seams on their legs especially during WWII. It’s a reminder to look after yourself in all aspects no matter how bad things around you get. My second favourite is the one in the middle of my back/neck.
3. How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
19, I think.
4. What do your parents think about your tattoos?

My mother hates them, naturally. I’m not sure what my dad’s opinion on the specific ones I have is, but he has recently gotten  big tattoo himself.
5. Does your boyfriend like your tattoos, if so what’s his favorite?
I don’t have a romantic partner of any kind right now… Most people seem to have a ‘meh’ attitude towards them.
6. Did you always have a love for tattoos and what’s your inspiration?

Not always, but I’ve always found them intriguing. I don’t have a set inspiration, it’s usually life lessons that I like to cary around with me at all times. I occasionally play with the thought of having a cute dinosaur tattooed on me somewhere, but I think the cuteness factor might wear off.
7. Do you plan on getting more tattoos in the future?

I plan on fixing the one that’s on the left side of my chest because it’s fucked up in so many ways. Don’t have any other plans.
8. Which tattoo would you say was the most painful?
Try getting your thighs tattooed for 11 hours straight… Inside thigh hurts.
9. Do you regret any of your tattoos?

Not the idea or placement, but my playstation one was fucked up from the start and I’m unhappy about that.
10. What was your least painful tattoo?

The ones on my back didn’t really hurt. It was between “I feel nothing” to “mildly uncomfortable”
11. Who would you tag?
Anyone who reads this and has tattoos, I’d love to hear your stories.


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