What’s next for Polished Cryptids?

So it’s time for another update post.

This month, and especially this week, has been a bit more quiet than usual. It’s simply because this is the time of year when uni demands a bit more from me than it usually does.

We’re finishing up #30DaysofLipstick, which will get a final post and then a brief review post about some of my favourites.

In October we have a giveaway coming up, it’s still vintage/pinup friendly but with a little Halloween twist. It appears the items will be worth approximately 50 AUD in retail value.

As it gets hotter there will be more style posts on how to deal with the heat without compromising on style, some posts about currently available items (aka online window shopping with Polished Cryptids), some more character creator, and a few other posts of different kinds.

But yeah, this is a slow month and it will hopefully get better in about two weeks.


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