Geek Chic Cosmetics – First Impressions

Recently, I bought eleven eyeshadows from Geek Chic Cosmetics and they just arrived. So I thought it was time to give them a go. Please note that this is not a complete review as I’ve only done the equivalent of trying a dress on in a fitting room. I used ten of the eyeshadows, grouped them based on the source of their inspiration, and played around with them. Again, these are not necessarily looks I would wear in public but just me toying around with ideas.

wpid-20150920_141551.jpgHannibal: One of my favourite shows that sadly hasn’t been renewed for another season. I’m so upset about it but still happy with the episodes we got. I ordered two shades from this collection. They’re both vegan and cruelty free btw. Firstly, Professional Curiosity which is a light lavender shade. Secondly, Ravenstag which is a very rich dark blue. I applied Ravenstag all over the lid, used Professional Curiosity to lighten it up and added the same shade along the lower lash line.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Two shades from this fandom. I am Groot! which is a…. wood coloured shade with green sparkles in it. My Prince, My Starlord, which is a dark reddish wpid-20150920_141559.jpgbrown

For these two shades I tried a stronger look. I used My Prince, My Starlord all over the lid and extended it out as a wing. Then I used I am Groot! to lighten up the inner corner and mid lid. I also used a purple eyeliner on the upper lash line and the outer lower corner to enhance the weirdness.


LoTR: so this look involves three shades.
Samwise the Brave – a dark earthy brown. Heir of Isildur – a dark green. One Ring – a very pigmented golden colour with sparkles.

I used Samwise for contouring, applied One Ring over the lid, and applied Isildur along the lower lash line and in the outer corner. This picture doesn’t really show just how golden One Ring is, but it’s the single most gold like gold I’ve ever seen (perhaps not the best prasing ever).

Sherlock: Three shades. Battle dress – a nude colour used along the brow bone.
Old Fashioned Villain – a light purple I used to blend another shade with and add in the centre of the lid. High-functioning wpid-20150920_142629.jpgSociopath – a sparkling blue colour that I used all over the lid and then blended out with Old Fashioned Villain to tone down the sparkle.

Impression of shades: very pigmented, takes some care when using since they are in a loose powder form. Not always the easiest ones to combine within their own collection but will work great when combined with shadows form other brands.

Pros: Affordable, cool themes, pigmented.

Cons: shipping takes ages internationally, the packaging is of a meh quality and takes a bit of arguing with to ensure they close properly.


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