Review: Bésame’s Red Velvet

wpid-20150831_213652.jpgBrand: Bésame Cosmetics
Product: Lipstick
Shade: 1946 Red Velvet
Found at: Besamé Cosmetics or Trash Monkey
Cost: 28 AUD

First Impression: Oh this is pretty. This isn’t just a product with a function, this is a concept. This product breathes vintage. It caught my interest because it’s supposedly the lipstick worn by the character Peggy Carter in Agent Carter, and well it did look damn good on her. It has a bit of a weird shape. Notice the flat top, it’s the sides that are rounded and both sides look identical. This is a very different shape from the vast majority of lipsticks out there. I didn’t use a lip scrub, primer, or lipliner with this product because I believe a product should always be tested on its own at least the first time. This is rich, it’s luxurious, and it is beautiful.

Packaging: As I said, this packaging tells a story as opposed to just serving a function. The elaborate patterns and rich colours along with the materials used makes this feel like a product wpid-20150831_080255.jpgthat the manufacturers put a lot of thought and care into. If feels like it has a personality. It’s the difference between an email and a hand written letter. This company strives to give their products a vintage feel and they succeed. It’s also functional. It’s solid, doesn’t glitch, and gets the job done.

Usage: It’s a lipstick, you put it on your lips. I don’t use a brush when I apply lipstick because I’m less precise with brushes than the stick itself. The unusual shape of the product itself did present a bit of a challenge, but use your brain actively instead of being on autopilot when you apply it and it will go fine. One or two sweeps should be enough for a solid layer of colour. It feels good on the lips, not drying, not weirdly runny. It’s creamy. It stays on. It really stays on. It stays good. It is good.

Value for money: Fantastic. Sure, it sits in the mid range in terms of pricing, but the quality is outstanding. This is the only lipstick I’ve found that can rival Guerlain’s Garconne, you know the shade and product I’ve been raving about for years? The difference in quality is minimal and given that it costs about 40% of the Guerlain one, I’m more comfortable recommending this product to my readers. I’m impressed by this product and I’m truly glad I bought it.

Would I buy this again? Yes. I’m really happy with this purchase and I’m considering picking up another shade or two.


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