The second to last #30DaysOfLipstick post

wpid-20150914_114118.jpgDay 22

September 14th
This was the day when I finally wore my good old Guerlain lipstick in Garconne. After going for a few weird ones and neutral ones, it felt nice to return to a very classic red. It’s just a product I feel I can trust, I know it’s good and I know it won’t require frequent work throughout the day.wpid-20150915_102441.jpg
Day 23
September 15th
This is the only nude lipstick I own. It’s from Maybelline and is one of their Superstar 14h lipsticks. It’s a fairly dark nude with a hint of sparkle to it. It’s one of the very few nudes that looks alright on me. Almost every other colour I’ve tried just looks a lot lighter than my natural lips and not in a good way. I think it’s called Never Ending Nude or something along those lines. It’s pretty good in terms of quality and value for money, but it’s nothing mindblowing or truly extraordinary. A solid product in a colour I’ve been hoping to find for a long time.


Days 24 and 25.
September 16 & 17
So I forgot to take selfies on these days. No big reason but at least I managed to forget it on days when I wore rather neutral products. On the 16th I simply wore a lip balm with a chocolate flavour. It’s the Macaron lip balm from It’s Skin and I have previously reviewed the strawberry flavoured one. This one is pretty much the same but with a nicer scent.

The pink tube is what I wore on September 17th. It’s from Etude house and is called Kissful, it’s a lip tint in the same way as the Innisfree one I wore on the 13th. It’s like a thick tinted lip balm. Not a tint that dries on your lips and sinks in the way the TonyTints do or is super glossy and sticky. It’s actually a pretty nice product for a subtle look and I’ll probably start wearing this and the Innisfree one a lot more often now that I’ve given them a serious try.


Day 26 – September 18th
I’d been looking forward to this one for quite a while. Almost a month ago I placed an order with Colourpop cosmetics and it arrived this day. This is one of their ‘lippie stix’ (seriously, why can’t we just call things lipsticks when they are lipsticks) in the colour Leather. It’s a dark purple, as you can see. It was really dry when I first put it on and it required some serious work before it reached full colour. It was ok when it was actually on, but it did take a fair amount of effort. It stains btw, you’ll dye your coffee cup and anything else that touches your lips purple. I didn’t reapply it at any point and it did wear off quite significantly during the day. Not a product I see myself using that often to be perfectly honest.

wpid-20150919_114425.jpgDay 27
September 19th

I decided to go all out eccentric on this day. I’d been waiting to wear green lipstick for forever and it got me rather excited. This is Colourpop’s Bunny with a bit of NYX’s Mischievous (the gold one from their Wicked Lippie Collection) on top. Bunny is a gorgeous metallic green but it did make me look extremely pale, so I added a bit of gold to it to warm it up a bit. I combined it with a golden green eyeshadow combo. It’s difficult to wear colours like these and make it look like a serious makeup look as opposed to someone who just decided to wear weird shit. I think this worked pretty well though. I’ll need a few more tried to get it right.


Day 28
September 20th.
By this point I’m starting to get pretty fed up with constantly alternating and trying to remember what I have and haven’t used. As you can see I opted for a minimal look with a red lip and pretty much nothing else. Haven’t been feeling 100% lately and it’s starting to show. Anyhow, this is one of my favourite drug store products. It’s again from Maybelline and this time it’s their Superstay 24h Colour in All Day Cherry. Remember a while back when I reviewed a similar product from Rimmel and people got super excited about it because they loved that product? This is like that product only better. Instead of a lip stain and then a gloss, this is a liquid lipstick that is topped with a balm. Also can we take a moment just to point out the difference in eye colour between this photo and the top one? Anyhow, this is a solid product. Unlike the Rimmel one, it doesn’t dry my lips out and it flakes less. I’m also more fond of this balm than the gloss that came with the Rimmel one. That’s just a personal preference, but for someone who can’t stand lip glosses, this is a way better option. It’s a really good budget item.


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