Done! #30DaysOfLipstick

Pardon the delay, a combination of flu and poor timing delayed my post. I took a few days off and have now been able to find the two last pieces.

Yesterday, day 29 so to speak, I wore a combination of two things I’ve worn before. It’s the Bésame lipstick in Red Velvet combined with the lip tint from Etude house that’s like a tinted lip balm. I wore it over the lipstick to change the texture from matte to soft. wpid-20150924_093142.jpg

Today I wore a more eccentric combination. The last look was a mixture of two lipsticks from the NYX Wicked Lippie series. Immortal, which is a dark purple. And Stone Cold which is a silvery white. As you can tell, these two would have needed a lip pen and concealer around the mouth as they highlight redness.
wpid-20150925_114941.jpgThat’s actually a pretty common thing with both green and blue colours. They struggle to cancel out the red. They need a third component to actually work. Let’s just say I didn’t wear this for very long. My tip would be to wear concealer on and around your lips, followed by a blue or green lip pen on the actual lip. The colour itself looks quite nice but without the proper base it just becomes messy up close.


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