Retro Essentials: Currents – October Dresses

October is only a few days away and it is one of my favourite months. Why? Two reasons. Halloween and my birthday. Elsewhere in the world it’s the last light to go out before winter, when the leaves are still golden, and the cold can still be chased away with a cup of tea. Anyhow, I thought about making this series a monthly thing with occasional themed posts.
So yeah, here’s some of the items currently available going into October.

So Target really seems to be bringing it this season, especially when it comes to dresses. Look at the patterns, the wraps, the polkadots, the eccentric but work appropriate, the casual, the strapless, the cute one, the one that might work with a petticoat, the one that could have been sold for twice the price at any pinup store, the classic and yet eccentric, the tux one that needs a belt, the black floral, and finally the navy. Seriously, there’s a lot of gorgeous options for reasonable prices. Beyond the dresses, there’s only one item on the website and in store that I almost drool over. This military black jacket. Check the buttons on the sleeves. Gorgeous.


You’ll obviously need to wear something with this item, but this lace (over) dress has a weird timeless elegance to it. This colourful dress has a classic top with a modern bottom. Looking for a casual play suit? Classic stripes. I think this figure fit black dress would look really good with some black heels and red lipstick. H&M is good for staples, but a lot of their dresses and showpieces are still in love with the 1970’s and 1990’s. Now, I remember the 1990’s fashion way too well to jump back onto that bandwagon, it didn’t look good even the first time around.
Since ModCloth operates in the northern hemisphere, they’re focusing of fall fashions. However, there’s still some good items there. Oh and currently they have free international shipping if you splurge more than 200 dollars. What this means however, is that you have a good chance to find some classic reds, deep greens, and rich blues. Just look at the green lace here. I’m an absolute sucker for that shade of green, and if I had the shape for it, I would have worn that colour in this form. Look at this extravagant fabric. They’ve brought in some nice maxi dresses overall and this is one of my favourites. So ModCloth has 1500 items in the dress category and it’s a good idea to take some time to browse through them. This is one I’ve actually bought and am waiting for, I’m hoping it will look better on a person than on the mannequin. If you have a halloween party, it would be a very elegant red to wear. I also bought a different red dress, a wrap one. I’m also trying this mint one to bring myself out of the comfort zone. Finally, I’m also trying this dress since I needed a casual dress with long sleeves.

Big W

The first item that caught my eye was this timeless red option. The second was this longer dress. Coming close to a mullet dress but not crossing the line is this black one. I like the neckline. Here’s a classic brown option that might work for work. Here’s a classic polkadot option that would look good on an apple shape. If florals are your thing, this might be worth a look. I’ve really been focusing on the reds this time, not sure why.

Forever New
They have a lot more retro/pinup friendly dresses at the moment than usual. Want to feel more spring like with white and pink? Perhaps floral pastels? Classic knitted? Classy cocktail? There’s more on the website, but these examples should give you a decent idea of the kinds of dresses they have available at the current time.


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