Exercise for the unfit: 30 min power yoga for strength

Since my neck has been causing me a lot of trouble lately and pilates tends to be uncomfortable with neck pain, I decided to give power yoga a go. I used to do a lot of power yoga a few years ago and return to it every now and then. Since I’m still a bit sick and have a stuffed/runny nose I decided to do a fairly short session. I once again looked to Sean Vigue’s videos. Why? Because he’s to the point, funny, and doesn’t include all the philosophical bullshit (the power yoga sessions I used to attend ended with group meditation). This one focused on strength development and a lot of his classes are intended for athletes or tailored towards men. It’s just more… straightforward.

I had to pause this about three times to get some water. It is quick paced and some of the poses are extremely challenging. There were a few of the more advanced ones where I simply couldn’t do the most complicated version. It definitely got me sweating. I can feel it in my arms mainly, and since that’s one of the areas I’m hoping to get a bit more toned I’m hoping it will do the trick. Power yoga and pilates are both strength focused workouts that aim to develop control, agility, and build lean muscle. It uses the body itself as a weight and it can be quite challenging. It’s good for sore muscles, people with asthma (since it’s not cardio based), and for those who wish to improve their posture. The good thing about these videos is that they often contain several variations of the same pose so that you can adapt the difficulty level to your skill and fitness level.

Did it work for me?
No asthma problems and I didn’t even use my inhalator, it got me sweating and I’m pretty sure I’ll feel this one in the morning. I keep sliding on the goddamn yoga mat when doing some of the poses and it is unbelievably annoying. It’s nice to switch it up once in a while, but I’ll probably focus on pilates until the freaking pool opens again.


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